External Data Support (HTTP Triggers) with Atom8

Atom8’s External Data workflow allows you to send and receive HTTP requests to and from any external system. This information can be collected from various sources, including BigCommerce API, your CRM/ERP with API documentation, your store’s inventory management systems, etc. This data can be incorporated into Atom8’s workflow and be used to automate any action […]

Creating a Consignment Agreement for Your eCommerce Business

An eCommerce consignment agreement authorizes someone else to sell your products on your behalf. Even after deducting the consignor’s fee or commission, selling in this manner may result in a higher price. Learn more about how this agreement works and how to create one. What is an eCommerce Consignment Agreement? An eCommerce consignment agreement, which […]

Just-In-Time Inventory for Your eCommerce Business

If you’re running an eCommerce business, proper inventory management is essential for scaling and staying profitable. Implementing an eCommerce just-in-time inventory (JIT) inventory system can greatly reduce the burden of managing your stock. In this blog post, we cover why businesses should prioritize JIT inventory processes as part of their strategy and discuss which tools […]

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