Drive sales for your BigCommerce store with merchandising

bigcommerce merchandising

BigCommerce Merchandising Overview The primary purpose of eCommerce merchandising is to connect shoppers with the right product they need, such that they add it to their cart as quickly as possible. Once this goal is achieved, it helps improve sales and revenue. If you can merchandise your eCommerce store excellently, you will boost your average […]

5 Chatbot Tactics To Try In 2021

a man answering customer question via telephone

There has been an enormous rise in the development of chatbot applications in eCommerce platforms. Recently, approximately 80% of businesses have implemented chatbots on their website. When used appropriately, it can drive much more revenue than human customer support agents.  Before we look at 5 eCommerce chatbot tactics to implement in 2021, it is essential to look […]

5 ways to boost customer loyalty

boost customer loyalty

When you own a business, customers come and go easily. If you don’t have a system to keep them loyal, you stand every chance to lose everything. To keep them coming to buy your product, you need to build a solid relationship with them. Therefore, how do you provide your customers the best experience that […]

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