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Running an online store on BigCommerce comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is effectively merchandising your products. Proper merchandising can significantly impact your sales, customer engagement, and overall success. In this post, we’ll explore some of the top merchandising strategies tailored specifically for BigCommerce merchants. These BigCommerce merchandising techniques will help you showcase your products in an appealing and strategic manner. Purposes of BigCommerce Merchandising At its core, eCommerce merchandising aims to guide shoppers to the products they need as quickly and seamlessly as possible, encouraging them to add items to their cart and complete a purchase. When executed well, merchandising can boost average order values and conversion rates, leading to increased revenue for your business. But how can you achieve this merchandising flexibility when it involves navigating such a complex landscape? Your customers are individuals with unique personalities and mindsets when it comes to shopping. They engage with various touchpoints throughout their shopping experience on your website. Additionally, you need to juggle numerous SKUs, frequent promotions, pricing adjustments, and constant product updates. Merchandising on BigCommerce is not a simple matter of selecting a product to highlight, setting an attractive discount, and offering enticing items. To succeed, you must understand what resonates with each shopper. Today’s top retail brands are embracing cutting-edge merchandising techniques to unlock the complexities of merchandising and drive more sales. So, what merchandising strategy is your eCommerce business currently employing?  Top BigCommerce Merchandising Strategies for Your Business Let’s explore some strategies you can implement to take your BigCommerce merchandising to the next level. Offer loyalty programs One effective strategy is to offer loyalty programs for returning customers and visitors. This group is more likely to make a purchase compared to first-time visitors, so focusing on them can drive sales. There are simple tactics you can use to boost sales from loyal customers: The key is leveraging the information you have about your returning customers’ interests and behaviors to create a more personalized, convenient shopping experience that encourages them to complete purchases. Give the best support to ready buyers There are some customers who visit your store already prepared to make a purchase. These “ready buyers” know exactly what they want. The key is convincing them to buy from you instead of your competitors. These ready-to-buy shoppers typically use the site’s search function to quickly find the specific product they’re looking for. Studies show that customers who use the search have a much higher conversion rate, compared to those just browsing. When shoppers use the search, it means they already have a particular product, size, color, and price range in mind. To win over these ready buyers, you need to provide the most relevant and accurate search results possible to keep them on your site. The goal is to show them the product they searched for immediately, without requiring any additional clicks from the main search page. Making them have to click through multiple pages may lead to them abandoning your site and purchasing elsewhere. Transform browsers into buyers Not every visitor to your store is a “ready buyer” – some are just browsing with no immediate intent to purchase. These “window shoppers” may seem uninterested, but proper merchandising techniques can persuade them to make a buying decision. Just like a brick-and-mortar store, where salespeople might showcase certain products to undecided browsers, you can strategically promote and feature specific items to capture the attention of your casual website visitors. Modern BigCommerce merchandising tools allow you to curate and prominently display handpicked products on your website’s high-traffic pages. By putting your best or most popular items front and center, you increase the chances of piquing the interest of those “just browsing” and converting them into buyers. The key is using intelligent merchandising to turn window shoppers into customers by offering a well-curated, enticing selection of products tailored to their potential interests. Cooperate with the Right Bigcommerce Automation Software like Atom8 You can elevate your BigCommerce merchandising with powerful automation tools like Atom8. With this BigCommerce Automation software from Grit Global, you can build seamless, hands-free sales campaigns that streamline your entire process.  Moreover, Atom8 integrates natively with BigCommerce, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage customer groups and segments based on purchase behavior, demographics, or any other criteria. Your marketing activities can be enriched by triggering personalized product recommendations, abandoned cart reminders, and tailored promotions across channels. With Atom8’s cross-app automation capabilities, you can connect your BigCommerce store to essential third-party tools like Slack, Google Sheets, ShipStation, and more. This centralized automation hub simplifies your workflow, saving time and boosting efficiency. Implement advanced BigCommerce merchandising strategies with ease using Atom8’s intuitive visual builder and pre-built integrations. Continuous Evaluation and Improvement Continuously evaluating and improving your merchandising strategy is key to long-term retail success. A static, unchanging approach risks becoming outdated and missing opportunities as customer needs and market trends evolve. To Conclude A strong merchandising strategy is more than just a part of successful retail—it’s the key driver that propels businesses towards lasting growth and customer loyalty. When you strategically place items, create appealing displays, and understand what your customers prefer, your business goes beyond simple transactions. It enables you to create a shopping environment where customers feel valued and are eager to return. Are you ready to take your BigCommerce merchandising to the next level? Contact us today!

5 Chatbot Tactics To Try In 2021

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There has been an enormous rise in the development of chatbot applications in eCommerce platforms. Recently, approximately 80% of businesses have implemented chatbots on their website. When used appropriately, it can drive much more revenue than human customer support agents.  Before we look at 5 eCommerce chatbot tactics to implement in 2021, it is essential to look at some benefits of incorporating an eCommerce bot in your website. Benefits of using eCommerce chatbot 24 x 7 customer support  Most customers want an immediate answer to their issues. However, keeping a customer service team available at any time is relatively expensive and mostly impossible, especially for local SMEs. Meanwhile, chatbots help foster customer satisfaction by engaging in the conversation no matter what time of day it is.  Reduced costs Using chatbots help minimize your cost. Efficient customer assistance through chatbots doesn’t require much human support and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Product guidance If your business offers numerous types of products, it is quite hectic to go through all the catalog. Yet, with a chatbot, you can direct the customer to find the products they want and get assistance on product-related activities. 5 Best Practices of Ecommerce Chatbot Ecommerce customers are frequently looking for a better experience to make their shopping journey personal and exciting. To achieve this, eCommerce businesses must use relevant tactics to introduce one-on-one interaction with customers. If you want to build a chatbot, it is important to ensure it has the following features. Include Pre-chat questions An important aspect of user experience is efficiency. Efficiency deals with smoothing your website visitors’ interaction so that it is easier for them to accomplish a task. You need to prepare pre-chat questions regarding various aspects of your business, such as sales, inventory, promotion, etc. For example, when a customer comes to your site, a chat pops on asking, “What do you need help with? (options: Support, sales, and others)” for each section. Then it is broken down into a series of questions and answers to help the customer. Be transparent While chatbots can enable you to hold conversations fluently as human beings, don’t allow customers to assume they are speaking to a human being. Using automated responses can allow you to gather basic information about your customers. It is important to know they are interacting with a bot. Integrate with CRM Chat agents must have access to customers’ interaction records, including support tickets, purchases, and live chat sessions. Integrating CRM with your chatbot makes it easier for the chatbot to access the customers’ history and respond accurately. Protect customer privacy Customers like their privacy to be protected at all costs. Therefore, don’t allow the chatbot to be too intrusive. The chatbot should communicate when necessary (when asked). Furthermore, when customers share their private and personal information, it should be protected under all circumstances. Know when to refer to a human It is common for humans to make mistakes, and chatbots aren’t exempted. Peradventure, a customer has a question or inquiry that the bot cannot answer. Instead of moving in circles, it is better to refer the customer to a human customer agent to deal with the issue diligently. Final thoughts All in all, automated platform such as chatbots is always beneficial in increasing your productivity. It is important for business owners to understand what makes a well-executed bot to improve the customer experience.  Integrate a chatbot, train your team, guide your customer on how to engage with a chatbot, and grow your brand right today.   

5 ways to boost customer loyalty

boost customer loyalty

When you own a business, customers come and go easily. If you don’t have a system to keep them loyal, you stand every chance to lose everything. To keep them coming to buy your product, you need to build a solid relationship with them. Therefore, how do you provide your customers the best experience that would make them return to your business? What will you do to strengthen the customer relationship and build a lasting bond? If you find yourself asking these questions, then you need to boost your customer loyalty. What is customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is a highly misinterpreted word. It is usually believed that customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are the same. However, customer satisfaction is a rating, whereas loyalty is a brand, according to Shep Hyken. 5 ways to boost customer loyalty A customer can be satisfied when using your product but might not buy such a product again. However, with customer loyalty, it doesn’t matter if they are satisfied or no; they just keep buying. There is no particular strategy to boost your customer loyalty, but the following are guidelines to follow. Offer loyalty programs You need to put your customer data to use effectively. Such data is valuable in creating a loyalty plan. There are two options to consider – copy your competitors or provide a unique loyalty program for your customers. Here, you can create a unique experience for your loyal customers to access new products, give VIP access to an event or get a special package. Furthermore, make the experience personal to show you appreciate them. You need to be creative when offering loyalty programs to your customers. There are many loyalty examples available online; you can take a cue from these and create something unique. Personalize experience Everyone wants to be treated specially, that includes your customers. Imagine creating a personalized birthday for your customers that can convert that customer to a loyal customer. Personalization is a way of telling them you value and care about them. Offer exclusive deals for returning customers For old customers, you can create a loyalty marketing campaign to attract them to make a purchase. Retaining customers is at least 5 times cheaper than acquiring new customers. While there are many ways to offer exclusive deals, creativity is essential. In line with the previous point, you can personalize the offer for these returning customers. Segmentation and automation tools will help you greatly in retaining customers. Collect feedbacks When a mother offers advice to her teenager, the teen rolls her eyes and gets defensive. At times, the teenager might say something like, “Mom doesn’t know what she is talking about.” At times, businesses react to customer feedback as the teenager did. They aren’t ready to listen to any valuable advice. However, to boost your customer loyalty, you need to make an effort to collect feedback and address the issues. This way, it shows you are not both interested in their feedback and providing a relevant solution to it. Prioritize Customer Service Customer service is a reflection of how much a company values a customer. If you want to boost your customer loyalty, then you must prioritize customer service. Once a customer makes an order, returns a product, complains about a broken product, or asks questions on your chatbot, they keep a tab on how you interact with them. You need to have a helpful and efficient customer service team to easily and quickly solve their issues. Furthermore, make it easier for customers to access customer service. You can take advantage of social media platforms.

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