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BigCommerce Merchandising Overview

The primary purpose of eCommerce merchandising is to connect shoppers with the right product they need, such that they add it to their cart as quickly as possible. Once this goal is achieved, it helps improve sales and revenue. If you can merchandise your eCommerce store excellently, you will boost your average order values and increase conversation rates.

However, how can you execute merchandising flexibility because it is hugely tricky? Your customers are people with different personalities and have different mindsets when buying products. These customers engage with other parts of your website as they walk through the shopping experience. To make matters worse, you need to deal with massive SKU quantities, frequent promotions, pricing changes, and constant products.

BigCommerce merchandising is complicated. It is not a simple process to decide the product you want to move, set attractive discounts, and offer mouthwatering items. You need to identify what each shopper loves to buy. Nowadays, top retailing brands are using the newest merchandising techniques to unlock the complex nature of merchandising to win more sales. What merchandising strategy is your eCommerce business using? Let’s look at a few strategies you can implement for your Business.

BigCommerce Merchandising Strategies for your Business

Provide loyalty programs for returning customers and visitors

To drive your sales, the first group of people to consider are your loyal customers and returning visitors because their conversion rate is highly higher than first-time visitors. Furthermore, you have executed simple tactics that can boost your sales. For instance, you can provide a recently viewed item on each product page on your website. It makes it easier for visitors to return to any product they have previously viewed quickly.

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The strategy works perfectly for major entry points into your websites, such as the home page and shopping cart. Another option available is to leverage personalized products where you recommend products for your customer. Furthermore, you can use your customers’ shopping history to display a reminder for abandoned cart items, special promotions, recommended products with discounts, and create unique landing pages.

Win ready buyer

Some customers come prepared to buy items when they visit your store. However, the question is will they buy from you or your competitors? Who are these ready-to-buy shoppers? Usually, they use the site search functionality to streamline the product they want. Studies show that shoppers who use the search option have a conversion rate of 70% compared to those who simply browse through your store.

Search users already know what they are looking for, including product size, color, and price range. Therefore, you need to provide the best possible matching results to keep them in your store. When doing this, don’t provide a product that requires extra clicks from the main page.

Transform browsers into buyers

Some shoppers already have an idea of what they want to buy but are not ready. In a typical brick-and-mortar store analogy, they are the “No thank you. Just browsing through product” shoppers. They might look unserious; however, merchandising can effectively sway them into making a purchase. You can promote specific products. Nowadays, intelligent merchandisers make it easier for shoppers by curating and promoting specific products on their traffic pages.

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