eCommerce Automation Tools: What is it and Why do we need them?


Running an eCommerce store requires a lot of work. From marketing to fulfillment, inventory management to delivery, even a small step could be overwhelming at some points. That’s why eCommerce automation tools can be your saver along the way.

In fact, 67% of store owners said that deploying automation software is important for their business development. What makes this tool so powerful? How can you make the best use of it? Learn more about eCommerce automation, its benefits, and how to find the right solution with this article. 

What is an eCommerce automation tool? 

eCommerce automation tools are software designed to convert tasks and processes into automated workflows that execute whenever needed. Simply speaking, these tasks would be done automatically without human interventions. You set it up, then the system works for you.

Dealing with small, repetitive tasks is bothering businesses everywhere. Even though these might take only 2 to 5 minutes to complete, as the business scales, the number of tasks adds up. There is too much urgent work that takes up time for something more important. Store owners might have to sacrifice time and resource thinking through the strategy to label all the products in the storage. Since then the process starts becoming frustrating and unproductive.

When can you automate your eCommerce store?

In fact, eCommerce automation tools have been employed widely by businesses of all sizes. Examples of automated workflows are:

  • When a new account is created, send a welcome email to the customer with a promo code and recommendation 
  • When the inventory number reaches a certain threshold, send a notification to the staff to order from the supplier
  • Automatically publish special deal and discount when the holiday comes
  • All customers receive a newsletter every month for product recommendations and reviews
  • When a customer leaves the site without completing the transaction, send a reminder as a part of the abandoned cart recovery campaign 
  • Order information is generated into a spreadsheet after it is placed 
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Why do you need an automation tool? 

Automation tools help accelerate productivity

One obvious benefit of using an automation tool is time-saving. This software frees you from mundane tasks you have to execute over and over again. With eCommerce automation, you can schedule email and tailor it to every customer, remove low-demand products, track delivery, apply promo code, and many more. 

Beyond a matter of time, automation can work better than humans in many cases and save your business from technical errors. You no longer need a large time for constant back-and-forth check-ups anymore. The computer system is in charge of passing information from one platform to another, eliminating chances of human error.

Automation tools help increase customer satisfaction 

Merchants keep a relationship with customers via promises. You promise to have the product delivered on time with the best quality. You also ensure a transparent refund policy in case something goes wrong. 

Automation helps ensure that these promises are not broken down along the way. It’s always easier to serve your customers when you have the right information at the right place. Happy consumers are more likely to come back. And then your business scales. 

Automation tools pave way for more complicated processes

When your business extends, you need a more complex process to improve customer experience and operate better. Some models are:

However, this can’t be done perfectly without the help of an automation tool. You might manage to do it yourself but this would cost you a lot of time and resources worth investing in more significant tasks. 

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How to find an automation tool? 

Creating your own in-house system connecting the platform with your store requires a lot of work. Then automation apps like Ergo are an out-of-the-box solution for you. 

Ergo follows a logical condition, triggers and action process with easy-to-build visual models. You can build a workflow and deploy it within a couple of minutes. You can also make use of our workflow templates to simplify the procedure. All without having to write a single line of code. 

Atom8 is among ecommerce automation tools

The app also allows for integration with other Shopify software such as Mailchimp, ShipStation, and HubSpot, which helps maximize your productivity without having to switch platforms. 

If you’re running on BigCommerce, we have a similar application called Atom8 that would benefit your store similarly. 

What’s next?

Now you know about eCommerce automation and how to employ it. Would you like to streamline all processes and gain value for your investment? Ergo Automation can help you with that more than you expect. 


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