What is web content management systems and how to use them

web content management system

Choosing the right web content management system may be tricky for an eCommerce business. Businesses are usually attracted by fancy functionality that they will never use without having a clearly defined set of requirements. Therefore, in this article, we discuss various features of WCMS that we need to consider while choosing one for your application. […]

How to improve your eCommerce emails

ecommerce email

Your recent email marketing campaign doesn’t work well? Or are you looking for some ways to enhance your emails’ effectiveness? Here’s what you need. Our article comes up with ideas for better emails that you can apply to your eCommerce business. Keep reading! Actionable tips to create better eCommerce emails Attractive headline A headline (or […]

Top 5 reasons for high cart abandonment rate

cart abandonment rate

$18 billion is the amount of revenue eCommerce brands loses every year due to shopping cart abandonment. Meanwhile, $4 trillion worth of merchandise is predicted to be abandoned in digital carts in the next year. These figures show that cart abandonment is becoming a concern that every eCommerce business makes. To understand what the cart […]

Why is eCommerce tasks automation easier than you think?

tasks automation

Owning and running an eCommerce store is not a simple job, but in fact, involves such a bunch of complicated tasks. From marketing and communication to fulfillment and shipping, not to mention the after-sales follow-up task. This process no matter how hard it can get, you can always make it easier by automation. This article […]

How to improve SEO for your BigCommerce store

bigcommerce seo

When thinking about website content improvement for your BigCommerce store, you may need to take SEO effectiveness into consideration. The high-quality content which is in accordance with SEO criteria can engage a lot of customers and help your store with branding strategies. Our article today will give more ideas to enhance SEO  Tip For Increasing […]

Best B2B eCommerce platform in 2023

With the growth of digital commerce also comes the increasing number of online businesses. The number of online companies within the last three years has skyrocketed. The business-to-business (B2B) market value is projected to increase rapidly, which will allow more merchants to establish their business online. This will further result in increasing the demand for […]

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