Why is eCommerce tasks automation easier than you think?

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Owning and running an eCommerce store is not a simple job, but in fact, involves such a bunch of complicated tasks. From marketing and communication to fulfillment and shipping, not to mention the after-sales follow-up task. This process no matter how hard it can get, you can always make it easier by automation. This article will outline reasons why eCommerce tasks automation is easier than you think. 

What is eCommerce tasks automation?

You can refer to E-commerce automation as a digital or technologically-driven task triggered by an action or non-action from a customer, or member within the team. In another word, it is a task that happens automatically, using software or online systems, without human intervention. You set it up, and it runs.

Let’s take some particular examples for more clarification, in marketing, certain ads or emails can be sent to target audiences. All you need to do is to set up the content of ads, emails, set specific customer personas, profile then the machine will send them to the correct people.

Why is eCommerce tasks automation easier than you think?

Saves times

Automation can save your time and free you from repetitive and boring tasks. If you don’t have to track remembering to do them and making them happen, imagine what you could do with the extra time.

In addition, you not only have someone to do it for you, but actually do it better. You can schedule sales promotions to go live at the right time, automate new product releases with their announcements, remove discontinued products, adjust prices, apply discounts, track purchases and provide rewards, etc. E-commerce saves you from having to go back and correct errors. When data is sent from one platform to the other, the chances of human error are lessened. So, your job, in general, will be much more simple, and easy.

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Easy to use with multiple templates

Automation sounds quite a complicated concept at first. However, it is a fact that it is not hard at all to start using and applying ít to your eCommerce store. 

Refer to Atom8 for example, this is an automation app that helps to automate some websites tasks. You can compose sales emails and make instantly available templates. After you have reduced your teams from administrative tasks, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks.

The special point is that it is very simple to get on well with due to a very friendly feature. The template library includes more than 100 templates that suit your personal interest and style. If you want to send emails, for instance, set the content, build customer personas then set the time to send them. All are easy as a piece of cake but things still things will fall into their places.

If you are a BigCommerce or Shopify merchant, find out more about Atom8 here:

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Simpler deliveries

Is there anything worse than lost or misdirected packages after you place an order? Do not need to worry anymore since you just need to click on the site and see, automation will process and track it for you. 

E-commerce automation systems process orders directly from the customer, printing receipts and shipping labels rather than having a person type them manually, which saves time and prevents the recurrence of mistakes.

As customers make package tracking a priority, businesses need to know where packages are for customer service and quality assurance purposes. E-commerce automation options can communicate tracking information automatically.

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Above are some remarkable reasons why eCommerce tasks automation is easier than you think they are. The benefits are scalable and steps are simple to take. So, there is nothing holding you up but to immediately learn about automation and set up an app that suits your preference. And do not forget to check out Atom8 for a more time-saving experience.


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