How to improve SEO for your BigCommerce store

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When thinking about website content improvement for your BigCommerce store, you may need to take SEO effectiveness into consideration. The high-quality content which is in accordance with SEO criteria can engage a lot of customers and help your store with branding strategies. Our article today will give more ideas to enhance SEO 

Tip For Increasing SEO Effectiveness For Your BigCommerce Store

Research Keywords

Your posts and articles will follow keywords to ensure transparent and unified content. Keywords play a vital role in enhancing your posts’ attractiveness, engagement and cohesion. Before establishing content, you may need to take time to research keywords. The common way is discovering what related words people usually search for recently and then you can collect some trending terms and issues. You need to pay attention to your target customers. Moreover, it is important to focus on the keywords that are well-matched with your target buyers’ demands. The inappropriate keywords can make your posts become helpless, obsolete, and outdated. 

optimize BigCommerce store SEO

Improve Page Content

Four parts that you need to invest time and effort in to enhance the quality of your content. This includes title, meta description, headers and quality content. The title must contain under 60 characters and keywords. To save time and effort, you can take advantage of automatic tools such as Atom8  to automatically bulk edit article titles and product descriptions. Meta description needs call-for-action content which provokes visitors’ curiosity and attention with attractive words and well-researched keywords. On the other hand, the headers must be planned logically and reasonably with the appearance of keywords. Visitors should feel easy to address the main point of each paragraph since they usually skim blog content. Finally, high-quality content is considered as the one which can deliver helpful and necessary information to the visitors without copying, dim and complicated.

Enhance Product Page

The optimal product page can help your page achieve high ranks. You may need to sort logically and arrange simply the categories and subcategories so the visitors can easily find out what they want in minutes. 

A useful tip for you is utilizing BackOrder to avoid hiding products that are out of stock and hurt SEO. With backorders, the customers can place orders as normal at 0 inventory and get them delivered at a later date. Especially with BigCommerce’s integration with Google Shopping, your products can drive a lot more organic traffic to your site. Try the BigCommerce BackOrder app here:

BackOrder CTA

Turning on backorders is one of the effective ways to utilize out-of-stock product pages.

Moreover, you can allow visitors to use filters and essential features to find expected products more quickly and then you can increase your product conversion rate. Also, you may need to take advantage of pop-up product recommendations, customer reviews and special deals to add value to your product page and make it more compelling.

Add Backlink

A backlink which is is a crucial element to rank your page on Google. This is because it usually takes the visitors from other pages to your page. The number of backlinks decides the level of popularity of your article. Therefore, the more backlinks, the more prevailing your blogs are. However, you should focus on adding the most relevant and high-quality backlinks rather than the quantity of them because unrelated ones can distract the visitors. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Take Advantage Of SEO Audit

The SEO audit can give you fulfilled and transparent reports about your SEO performance that can help you realize the arising mistakes or problems that negatively affect your SEO quality. SEO audit is fundamental to building your SEO strategy and planning for approaches to help your page get a higher rank. 


It is time to make your Bigcommerce store page more widespread with our SEO tips above. Hope to see your post in the top ranking of Google!


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