What no one tells you about B2B supply chain management

b2b supply chain management

Retailers and their suppliers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver more goods to more destinations faster. To stay competitive, “retailers need to know where things are at all times; so they can redirect shipments, rebalance inventories and respond to new demands on the fly,” says Rich Becks, general manager; Industry Value Chains, […]

Top 5 workflows by Atom8


Automation brings many undeniable advantages including higher production rates and increased productivity. It helps you to gain more efficient use of materials, better product quality and reduced factory lead times. Atom8 with a wide range of useful workflows, has become one of the most powerful automation tools in the eCommerce industry. Let’s look at its […]

Differences between quote and invoice

quote vs invoice

When it comes to the back end of running a service business, there’s a lot to learn. From communicating with clients through different stages of a job, to billing your clients, to staying on top leads and customers, and finally cash flow, keeping your business organized can be a challenge. If you haven’t realized this […]

Learn from these top real-life 5 eCommerce cross-sell examples

cross sell examples

Thanks to cross-selling, a lot of famous eCommerce businesses can earn billions of dollars each year. However, not all businesses can boost revenues by conducting cross-sell strategies like the famous ones. Therefore, our article today will bring 5 examples of the real cross-selling cases from well-known businesses to you to help you withdraw some valuable […]

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