BigCommerce Tasks Automation: Optimize Your E-commerce Site

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When your small business starts growing, the systems and processes can get more complicated and messy. You may find yourself overwhelmed by hundreds of small, repeated tasks. However, by automating the processes for your online store, most or all of these manual, repeated tasks can happen by themselves without people doing them. The great thing is that with eCommerce tasks automation , your team won’t have to spend time on those repeated tasks. Instead, they can focus on interacting with customers, being creative, and thinking about the big picture strategies to keep growing your business. How Does eCommerce Tasks Automation Work? Most automation for online stores happens through automated workflows with three steps: 1. Trigger 2. Condition 3. Action For example, let’s say you own a men’s clothing store and you want to offer discounts based on how much customers have spent at your store: Here’s how the automated workflow would work for a platinum customer: 1. Trigger: The customer places an order. 2. Condition: The system checks if the customer has spent more than $5,000 total. 3. Action: If so, the customer is put in the Platinum group. With automation, you don’t have to do anything extra for this process. The system just automatically does it perfectly on its own every time. Typical Examples of eCommerce Automation Automating processes for your online store can help eliminate boring, repetitive tasks and simplify processes that could slow you down. Some examples of eCommerce tasks automation include: Workflows Workflow automation tools are designed to manage your business’s routine admin and operational responsibilities. They can streamline day-to-day tasks while allowing you to coordinate multiple systems at once. Notification Emails Automated emails about abandoned carts, order tracking, order fulfillment, and customer loyalty promotions keep customers updated on their orders or your business happenings. By automating this – through simple messaging software or complex workflows – you save time and effort while assuring customers their needs are top priority. Fraud Detection Fraud is a major issue for online businesses, with $20 billion in losses worldwide in 2021. With automated fraud detection, much human error in fraud is removed. Automated fraud workflows can verify each order through tools like address checks and IP tracking. For high-risk order businesses, automated fraud filtering is crucial due to potential legal issues. Marketing Automation Marketing is critical for growing an online business’s success. Manual marketing is very time-consuming, whether email marketing or managing digital platforms. By integrating automated processes into marketing systems, you save significant time and manpower, opening doors to new opportunities and ideas. Benefits of Tasks Automation in eCommerce Automating processes for your online store can improve customers’ experience while allowing your business to focus on more important tasks that require planning and people skills. Here are some ways your business could benefit from eCommerce automation: Saves time eCommerce automation is key to getting more done in less time. It allows online store owners to put time-consuming tasks on autopilot, such as: Boost sales and marketing Tasks automation can greatly help eCommerce sales and marketing teams in several ways, including: According to recent statistics, using automation for sales and marketing can increase the number of leads by 80% and improve efficiency and marketing return on investment by 45%. Reduces errors Poor data management and consistent errors can really hurt your business, causing customers to leave and impacting your profits. Having accurate data and information is critical for the success of your online business. With so much data on your website, an automated workflow can save you time and prevent human errors from causing big issues. With data backed up by real numbers and computer programs, you and your customers can be confident that you’re getting the correct information without mistakes. Enhances customer experience Customers really value getting quick responses from a website. In fact, 90% have said that getting an immediate response is important when they have a customer service question. By automating customer service processes and workflows – like chat programs and self-service options – you can help ensure high customer satisfaction levels and keep customers coming back. Providing an easy, responsive experience through automation is key to creating happy customers for your online business. Ultimate Solution for BigCommerce Tasks Automation to Optimize Your eCommerce Site – Atom8 Atom8 from Grit Global is the ultimate solution for BigCommerce automation, streamlining operations and optimizing your eCommerce site. With its powerful integration, Atom8 seamlessly connects with BigCommerce, allowing you to automate routine tasks, personalize customer journeys, and boost sales. In the end, you can get enhanced efficiency, improved customer engagement, and increased revenue by leveraging Atom8’s cutting-edge automation capabilities tailored for BigCommerce stores. Atom8 represents the definitive solution to automate tasks for BigCommerce, optimizing eCommerce operations. Merchants can automate any recurring merchant activity by crafting customized workflow automations. Each automation workflow implemented possesses the potential to reduce manual labor by 2-3 hours.  Atom8 seamlessly integrates with existing BigCommerce applications to automate orders categorization, customer management, sales automation, data management, marketing automation processes and more.  The app provides unparalleled flexibility, enabling merchants to customize any action utilizing HTTP requests. Diminish manual effort, amplify efficiency – permit Atom8 to handle repetitive tasks, allowing merchants to concentrate resources on amplifying their BigCommerce business’s growth. In Conclusion, Automating tasks and processes is key to optimizing and improving your BigCommerce online store. Tasks automation reduces manual work, increases efficiency, and enhances the customer experience. By automating repetitive tasks like order management and marketing, you save time and avoid mistakes. Take your BigCommerce store to the next level with Atom8’s tasks automation platform. Atom8 allows you to create custom automated workflows and integrate with your existing BigCommerce apps. With Atom8, you can streamline eCommerce processes with ease. Contact us today!

Why You Should Customize Your BigCommerce Out of Stock Message

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When a product is out of stock on your online store, you want to let customers know right away. The standard “Out of Stock” message on BigCommerce may seem basic. But customizing this message can actually help improve your store’s customer experience. A well-written out of stock notice provides clear information to shoppers. It can also encourage them to stay on your site or come back later when the item is available again. In this post, we’ll explain why taking a few minutes to edit your BigCommerce out of stock message is worth the effort for your BigCommerce store. How BigCommerce out of Stock Messages Affect the Shopping Experience Make customers buy from competitors When products are out of stock on your online store, it can really frustrate customers. If shoppers see lots of “out of stock” messages when browsing your site, they may just give up and go look at a different store instead. They could end up buying from one of your competitors because your store didn’t have what they wanted available. Reduce customer satisfaction Finding items out of stock also makes customers unhappy with your store. If they get excited about a product but then can’t actually buy it, they’ll feel let down. This bad experience may make them leave a negative review about your store or decide not to shop with you again in the future. Create distrust Out of stock products can make customers distrustful of your store. They may wonder if you’ll ever restock those items or if you purposely had little stock to get people to buy other things instead. This uncertainty makes shoppers likely to just shop elsewhere next time. Discourage new leads It also discourages new customers from sticking around. If someone new finds your store from an ad or social media post but then sees a bunch of out of stock messages, they may never come back. You missed your chance to turn them into a loyal customer. Damage your brand Frequent out of stocks can even damage your brand’s reputation. Customers may feel tricked if they see promotions for items that aren’t actually available. They could start thinking your store is dishonest or just cares about making sales rather than serving customers well. Why You Should Customize Your BigCommerce Out of Stock Message? Customizing your BigCommerce out of stock message is crucial for enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales. By personalizing the message, you provide relevant information, such as restock dates or alternative product suggestions, keeping customers informed and engaged. This increases their trust in your brand and maintains their interest, potentially converting lost sales into revenue. Additionally, customization allows you to infuse your brand’s personality, making your store stand out from competitors. Furthermore, a tailored out of stock message can help you collect valuable data on customer preferences and demands. By tracking which products generate significant interest or frequently go out of stock, you gain insights to inform inventory management and future marketing strategies. The BigCommerce BackOrder from Grit Global is designed to assist you in customizing your BigCommerce out of stock message and your storefront with stock alert labels. With this app, you can easily notify customers when a product is out of stock and allow them to make purchases even when the item is unavailable. By enabling customers to place orders for zero-stock products, you create an opportunity to generate additional revenue. How to Handle Out of Stock Products to Turn Them into Opportunities  Suggest customers to similar products You can still try to make a sale when a product is out of stock. On the out of stock page, add a section that says something like “Check out these similar products.” Then show pictures and links to other items the customer might want to buy instead. This turns the out of stock page into an opportunity to sell something else. Many website platforms have plugins or widgets that make it easy to display recommended product suggestions on out of stock pages.  Give shoppers a specific time to come back If a product will only be out of stock for a short time, in your BigCommerce out of stock message, let customers know when you expect to have it available again. For example, you could say something like “This item will be back in stock on June 15th.” Giving a specific restock date creates some excitement and makes customers feel like they won’t be waiting forever. It reassures them that the item is coming back soon, so they’ll be more likely to check your store again instead of going somewhere else. Send restock notifications Make it easy for customers to get notified when an out of stock item comes back. Have a place on the product page where they can enter their email or phone number. Then you can let them know as soon as it’s available again. While they’re waiting, give those customers a coupon code to use on something else in your store. That encourages them to keep shopping with you instead of a competitor. When the product finally restocks, send out those restock notifications right away. Use a catchy subject line like “It’s back in stock!” or “Your wait is over!” to get people excited to place their order. Promote the product again Promote the product once more by spending more on ads. This will get people more excited about the product and help you make up for lost sales. Your current customers will know that the product is available again, and you’ll also attract new customers. Keep an eye on Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see which pages are popular and where you can improve with advertising. Create a search bar Include a search bar to help visitors find things they’re interested in. By adding a search bar, shoppers can look for specific items within your website. This makes it convenient for them to explore and increases the likelihood of them making a purchase before leaving your site.

Why Does Email Marketing and Automation is Important?

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You added email to your app, but how can you optimize user engagement? The answer is email marketing and automation. This allows you to send triggered emails based on user behaviors or schedules, elevating your email program with minimal extra work. Let’s explore email automation – what it is, why it is important, and how to implement it effectively. What’s Email Marketing Automation? Email marketing and automation is basically setting up emails to be sent automatically without you having to send them manually each time. However, it’s important to understand the difference between automated emails and transactional (triggered) emails. Transactional emails are sent automatically in response to a specific action taken by the user, like making a purchase. These are triggered by the user’s behavior. Automated emails, on the other hand, are not triggered by the user. Instead, they are set up to go out automatically based on predefined criteria, such as being sent at a certain time or date. These automated messages can be part of a marketing strategy to engage with customers. Examples include welcome emails for new subscribers, email newsletters, monthly surveys, birthday emails, and payment reminders. Why Is Email Marketing and Automation Important? Email automation makes your workload lighter, lets you message customers in positive ways, saves money, and helps promote your business – all by having emails go out automatically when you want them to. Streamline Your Workflow Email marketing and automation help make your email processes more efficient and consistent. Instead of manually creating and sending individual emails to each customer, you can set up automated emails to go out to everyone. This saves you substantial time that can be reinvested into other aspects of your email marketing efforts and customer communications. Give Customers a Better Experience The time you save by automating emails allows you to create emails that are more helpful and enjoyable for your customers. While some automated emails are just reminders for payments, others can be welcoming messages, special offers, or friendly check-ins that make customers feel good. Promote Product Awareness Automating emails lets you control when and how often you email customers so they don’t forget about you, but you also don’t bother them too much. You can schedule emails to go out at just the right times to keep your products/services on customers’ minds without overdoing them. Optimize Costs Creating emails from design to writing to coding takes time and money. Email automation helps you save costs by reusing existing email templates. Instead of building new emails each time, you can populate the templates and automatically send various emails whenever you need without monitoring every step. Better Target Your Audience Email marketing and automation allow you to segment your email list based on customer behaviors, traits, and engagement levels. This lets you then automatically send tailored emails to each specific segment based on their unique characteristics. Reduce Errors Manually sending individual emails or copy-pasting templates risks errors. Automation takes the guesswork out of sending. It maps each customer’s information into the right template sections and sends emails out correctly. Enable Detailed Reporting Email automation services provide in-depth data and analytics on your email performance. You can see which emails work best, track delivery rates, and stay on top of all your important email marketing metrics. How to Make Email Automation more Effective Pay Attention to How People Respond Each automated email gives you insights into your customers’ behaviors and interests. When you send automated emails, closely monitor who opens them, clicks on links, etc. The data you collect about how customers engage (or don’t engage) with your emails can guide your next steps. If people are ignoring your discount offers or product recommendations, that signals you may need to adjust your approach and content to better resonate with them. The key is to treat every automated email as a way to gather valuable feedback through customer actions. Then, use those insights to continuously improve and refine how you communicate with different segments of your audience through future automated emails. Offer Discounts Strategically High shipping costs are a major reason shoppers abandon their online carts before purchasing. While you may not be able to remove shipping fees entirely or drastically cut prices, you can strategically send automated discount codes or coupons to give those hesitant shoppers an extra incentive to complete their orders. However, be judicious about offering too many discounts. If customers get used to receiving frequent discounts, they’ll start to expect them and may be less likely to make a purchase without a promo code. The discounts can work to boost sales, but overusing them diminishes their motivational impact. Nurture Prospects with Automated Email Sequences Many potential customers need multiple touchpoints before they’re ready to make a purchase. Drip email campaigns provide a steady flow of relevant information over time to educate prospects and build trust in your brand. The content dripped out through these campaigns, like product details, use cases, or industry insights, must be valuable and engaging. Email marketing and automation allow you to set up these drip sequences to only go to leads and prospects who have already shown interest in their behaviors. Use Atom8 App The Atom8 BigCommerce automation makes email automation super easy. It can automatically email customers who haven’t ordered in a while to re-engage them. You can schedule your blog posts and product updates to publish automatically. During sales, Atom8 can apply discounts to products and switch back to regular pricing after the sale ends.  The app even updates banner ads across your channels for a seamless promotional campaign. Atom8 also connects to popular email marketing tools like Klaviyo and Mailchimp. With this powerful tool from Grit Global, powerful automation runs behind-the-scenes so you can effortlessly email customers, share content, run promotions, and sync your marketing – all without manual work. To Sum Up, Email marketing automation is a powerful tool that can significantly boost your business’s efficiency, customer experience, and brand awareness. By strategically automating targeted email campaigns

The 10 Best Marketing Automation Tools Available to You

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Most marketers use marketing automation software. However, many start using it too soon before they actually need it. Also, many lists of recommended tools include complex and expensive all-in-one platforms that not every marketing team requires. In this article, we explain how to know if your team is ready for comprehensive marketing automation platforms. Then, we group the best digital marketing automation tools based on common use cases – so you can find the right fit for your specific needs more easily. What are marketing automation tools? Marketing automation tools are software that can automatically handle repetitive marketing tasks for you. Some tools just handle email campaigns, scheduled email sequences, and updating contact records. More advanced tools can also help with scoring leads, rotating leads to salespeople, sending SMS messages, and more marketing activities. Using marketing automation can benefit your business by making your marketing efforts more efficient and freeing up your time to focus on higher-level strategy. For example, these tools can collect valuable data that allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns better and increase the number of leads or sales you get. How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Software Here are some key things to think about when picking the best marketing automation software for you: The 10 Best Marketing Automation Tools Available to You Atom8 Atom8 from GritGlobal is a powerful marketing automation tool that empowers businesses to streamline their campaigns, nurture leads effectively, and drive conversions. With its intuitive interface, advanced segmentation capabilities, and comprehensive reporting, Atom8 delivers a seamless and data-driven approach to help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. Its marketing automation is among the most powerful eCommerce marketing automation tools. It auto-publishes blogs and updates website themes on schedule. During sales, it auto-applies discounts and switches banner ads. Atom8 integrates with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and other tools via API for seamless omnichannel automation.  Moreover, the specialty is allowing eCommerce brands to streamline content publishing, implement sophisticated promotions with dynamic pricing/ads, and integrate their marketing stack – all automated to boost productivity and revenue. ActiveCampaign The truth is that marketing automation tools cannot do everything – there are some marketing tasks that still require human involvement. ActiveCampaign designed its software based on this idea. It includes features like notification emails that assist and enable marketers and salespeople rather than trying to fully replace them. Sender Sender is a capable yet cost-effective email and SMS marketing automation tool that allows you to grow your business without overspending. The platform is built to help e-commerce stores, small businesses, bloggers, and B2B startups automate their email and SMS marketing campaigns. Sender provides smart automation, segmented contact lists, a form/popup builder, and more useful features. It’s a great tool for businesses looking to build their subscriber base, improve audience engagement, and drive more revenue growth quickly and affordably. Omnisend What makes this platform unique is its omnichannel capabilities. Omnisend allows you to include multiple communication channels like email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, etc. into the same automated workflow. This means you can create a seamless, integrated experience for your customers by automatically sending them messages through whichever channels they’ve opted into receiving from you. The automation spans different channels rather than being limited to just one. Mailchimp Mailchimp started as an email marketing tool, but it is currently evolving into a full-fledged marketing automation solution. While its expanded capabilities still need to be fully evaluated, Mailchimp was one of the pioneering email marketing tools. It has taken that experience and turned it into a robust and easy-to-use email automation tool. Automizy Automizy focuses on streamlining and improving email marketing campaigns. It provides a range of tools and features to help businesses start, manage, and optimize their email marketing efforts.  Automizy offers capabilities like AI-powered subject line testing, pre-built email templates, automated email workflows, A/B testing, audience segmentation, performance analytics, and more. It also helps maintain consistent and personalized messaging for your audience across emails. Constant Contact Constant Contact is a well-known and user-friendly email marketing automation tool. It provides businesses with an easy way to create, send, and track email campaigns through its range of features. With Constant Contact, you can set up automated email campaigns that get triggered by certain events, automatically capture new email subscribers, and send targeted follow-up emails to different segments of your audience. It gives you the essential email marketing automation capabilities you need, without overloading you with too many complex extras like some other tools. Hootsuite Hootsuite is a comprehensive tool for automating your social media activities. It lets you manage all your social media accounts from a single platform. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts in advance, share pre-approved content from a content library, and monitor online conversations about your brand and industry. Hootsuite provides all the features you need to build and maintain an effective social media presence that positively impacts your brand. Buffer Buffer started as a tool just for scheduling social media posts in advance. However, it has expanded to match how brands now use social media in a more comprehensive way. Buffer is designed to simplify the entire process of scheduling, publishing, and analyzing content across multiple social media platforms. It allows you to manage accounts on different networks, collaborate with team members, and review performance analytics – all to optimize your overall social media strategy. CoSchedule CoSchedule’s automation tool provides an excellent solution for planning and scheduling your social media content in advance. By mapping out all your content details like what will be posted and when, it gives you a clear overview of your entire social media content production process. Additionally, CoSchedule’s analytics and recommendations highlight what type of content resonates best with your audience, so you can re-share popular posts and create more similar high-performing content. These features streamline your marketing workflows and ensure a consistent approach across all your social channels, all within one unified interface. To Conclude, While there are numerous marketing automation tools available,

Boost Efficiency with Klaviyo BigCommerce Integration: A Complete Guide

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Did you know that integrating sales technology, including sales analytics and automation tools, can significantly improve sales productivity and effectiveness? Integrating Klaviyo’s marketing automation with BigCommerce’s powerful eCommerce platform can significantly boost your marketing efficiency and customer engagement. This guide will show you how the Klaviyo BigCommerce integration can streamline your operations and enhance your marketing efforts​​. Why Integrate Klaviyo with BigCommerce? Integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce brings numerous benefits that can transform your business. It helps you manage customer data better, create personalized marketing campaigns, automate repetitive tasks, and use predictive analytics for smarter decision-making. The Klaviyo BigCommerce integration is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their marketing strategies. Enhanced Customer Data Management Managing customer data effectively is crucial for any business. Integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce gives you a comprehensive view of your customers. Having all your data in one place allows you to understand your customers better and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. This unified approach leads to more effective marketing campaigns and improved customer satisfaction. Advanced Segmentation and Personalization Personalization is key to modern marketing. Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation tools help you deliver highly personalized customer experiences. By delivering personalized content and offers, you can increase engagement and drive more sales. Customers appreciate relevant messages that speak to their specific needs and interests. The Klaviyo BigCommerce integration makes this level of personalization easy and effective. Automation for Efficiency Integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce offers unparalleled automation capabilities that streamline various marketing tasks. With the addition of Atom8, our powerful automation tool, you can further enhance these efficiencies. Automation not only saves time but also increases the precision and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Your team can focus on strategic initiatives while the system handles the repetitive tasks. The Klaviyo BigCommerce integration with Atom8 adds even more power to your marketing automation strategy. Predictive Analytics for Better Decision Making Using data to predict future trends and behaviors can give you a significant advantage. Klaviyo’s predictive analytics tools can help you make better marketing decisions. Predictive analytics enable you to be proactive rather than reactive, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions that enhance your marketing strategy. The Klaviyo BigCommerce integration provides you with the tools needed for advanced analytics. Step-by-Step Guide to Integrate Klaviyo with BigCommerce Integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started with the Klaviyo BigCommerce integration. Setting Up Your Klaviyo Account First, you need to create and set up your Klaviyo account. Setting up your account is the first step in leveraging Klaviyo’s powerful marketing tools. Connecting Klaviyo to BigCommerce Next, you need to connect your Klaviyo account to your BigCommerce store. This connection will allow Klaviyo to sync data from your BigCommerce store, enabling you to use this data in your marketing efforts. Configuring Integration Settings Once connected, configure your integration settings to ensure everything runs smoothly. Proper configuration ensures that your integration is set up to collect the right data and use it effectively in your marketing campaigns. Testing the Integration Before you go live, testing the integration is essential to ensure everything works as expected. Testing helps identify any issues and ensures that your integration works flawlessly from the start. Key Features of Klaviyo for BigCommerce Users Klaviyo offers several key features that are particularly beneficial for BigCommerce users, making the Klaviyo BigCommerce integration a must-have. Multi-channel Marketing Automation Klaviyo allows you to automate marketing across multiple channels. Multi-channel automation ensures that you can reach your customers through their preferred communication channels, enhancing engagement and driving sales. Robust Reporting and Analytics Understanding the impact of your marketing efforts is crucial. Klaviyo provides robust reporting and analytics tools. These tools help you continuously improve your marketing strategies based on real data. Case Studies and Success Stories Many businesses have successfully integrated Klaviyo with BigCommerce and seen impressive results. For instance, Balance Me, a skincare brand, boosted repeat purchases by 83% after re-platforming to BigCommerce and using Klaviyo for personalized email marketing. This seamless integration allowed them to sync customer data in real-time, enabling more targeted and effective communication strategies​​. Similarly, The Upside, a fashion brand, experienced significant growth after moving from Magento to BigCommerce. They reported a 103% increase in conversion rate, a 163% increase in orders, and a 161% increase in revenue within three months of switching platforms. Integrating Klaviyo helped them utilize transaction-level data to personalize their communications, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales​​. Other notable success stories include ButcherBox, which achieved a 5.5x year-over-year growth in SMS revenue by consolidating their customer data, email, and SMS under Klaviyo’s unified platform. This integration streamlined their marketing efforts and improved overall efficiency​​. These examples demonstrate the powerful synergy between Klaviyo and BigCommerce, enabling businesses to optimize their marketing strategies and achieve substantial growth. These case studies show the tangible benefits of integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce and provide inspiration for your own business. Integrating Atom8 with Klaviyo Atom8, a powerful automation tool by GritGlobal, integrates seamlessly with Klaviyo to enhance your eCommerce store’s marketing and operational efficiency. This integration allows you to automate various tasks, streamline workflows, and leverage data for more effective marketing campaigns. Below are the key features of Atom8 and Klaviyo Integration: Automated Customer Segmentation: Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Real-Time Data Sync: Enhanced Workflow Automation Predictive Analytics Scalable Solutions By integrating Atom8 with Klaviyo, you can significantly enhance your marketing automation, improve customer engagement, and drive more sales through personalized and timely communications​​​​. Conclusion Integrating Klaviyo with BigCommerce can revolutionize your marketing efforts, making them more efficient, personalized, and effective. From enhanced customer data management to advanced segmentation and powerful automation, this integration offers everything you need to grow your business. Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how Atom8’s Klaviyo BigCommerce integration can work for you.

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