5 Types Of E-commerce Customers And How To Convert Them (Part 2)

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In the e-commerce landscape, converting your customers is critical for any business endeavour. Almost all the flourishing business owners understand what their customers want and how to convert them. 

Indeed, to satisfy various types of customers with different needs, desires, and expectations, there are many marketing strategies, which, however, requires shop managers’ deep understanding of customers. 

As a continuation of 5 types of E-commerce customers and how to satisfy them part 1, let’s explore the two remaining most common types of customers and how to convert them!

How to convert your customers

4. The Impulse Buy Customers


The challenge in tackling the impulse buy customers is that the processes must be aligned before they lose motivation to make the purchase. Moreover, every support from the stores must be immediate and instant unless the customer would give up buying and try other shops.


As it can be clearly seen, impulsive and instantaneous should be friends in this situation. These shoppers are looking for immediate assistance, and Chatbot can cater to this nature by answering their questions instantly or offering rapid customer support.

In addition, the impulse buy customers tend to buy a large number of products, which leads to a prospecting opportunity for the customer service team to convert them into loyal customers. Notably, Atom8 can help you with detecting and segmenting the large shopping carts, then send email to your customer service teams or any stakeholders; as a result, your team can be notified so as to take special care of the VIP customers.

One example of Atom8’s automated workflow:
When: Order completed
If: Total spending is greater than or equal to 500USD
Then: Assign customers to a group
Then: Wait for 1 hours
Then: Send notification email to the internal department5-types-of-E-commerce-customers-and-how-to-satisfy-them

Secondly, impulsive customers are tremendously absorbed in huge deals and promotions with catchy banners. In this case, Atom8 would help your E-commerce stores by optimizing the marketing campaigns scheduling processes.


5. The Loyal Customer


Regarding the loyal customer’s purchasing behavior, they should always be kept engaged and excited for the purpose of upselling and cross selling. To be more detailed, the top strategy is to make them refer the products to friends, family and other people.


The first strategy is to segment them into loyal customers for special care with email marketing about loyalty discounts. To optimize this process, apart from auto email marketing as mentioned above, Atom8 can help with segmenting long lifetime & top-paid customers. Combining customer lifetime value & customer created date, this function is also used for targeting new customers with high spending in your store. 

As an example of Atom8’s workflow:
When: Order is completed
If: Customer lifetime spending exceeds $5000,
Then: Atom8 will automatically add Uprade customer tier to Gold 
Then: Send Thank-you email to customers
Then: It can also wait for 24 hours
Then: Send a welcome offer email to new gold customers5-types-of-E-commerce-customers-and-how-to-satisfy-them

Secondly, it’s a good chance for the shop managers to take advantage of user-generated content by encouraging the shoppers to write a comment or story regarding their purchase of the product immediately after the purchase was made by sending a Follow Up email. The Follow Up email could provide them promotions or codes if they make reviews.

At this point, you’ve got equipped with the necessary knowledge about the three common types of customers and how to cope with the challenges they bring. It’s time to boost the customer experience to the next level by treating each type of customer uniquely.

We believe that your advocacy for your customers will make all of the difference in your marketing strategy.

Let’s see how to deal with the three remaining types of customers here.

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