Top 10 2023 Best Empowered Productivity Tools For Small Businesses

Top Productivity Tools 2022

In the competitive world, running small businesses efficiently and effectively is not easy. Possessing significant capital like high-quality labor or enormous financial resources seems not enough. Along with cutting-edge technology development, some productivity apps can support your company’s operations and boost profits. 

Today, we are here to recommend to you some striking productivity apps with detailed and reliable reviews. Also, we hope that you can find your items to accompany your businesses. 

10 Best Productivity Tools For Your Small Businesses Reviews 2021


Trello is one of the best productivity apps which can help your teamwork run smoothly. It brings users a coworking space, including a dashboard, virtual workplace, calendar, etc., to help your teammate keep track and follow up on the assignments and projects. You can also customize the Trell Card feature to add the information you like and hide the useless announcements. Moreover, with Trello, you can connect with other popular working apps, contributing to multitasking and taking advantage of other apps. 

The most outstanding feature which makes Trello become the best for working in a group is productivity calculation. Based on your progress, Trello can track and evaluate your performance with productivity metrics. Therefore, you can check whether the tasks meet your expectations and take measures to power up productivity. 

Last but not least, if your team is often disturbed by some unnecessary tasks, Trello can help you ignore them by its built-in automation. 


Asana has come to us with a wide range of attractive functions. Besides its tasks management, workflow customization, and keeping employees’ tracks, it also allows users to automate routines and make the crucial tasks on top, which helps the workers pay more attention, finish them on time and stay productive. 

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Another good point for Asana is its interface. Asana provides colorful and foolproof templates, which help everyone get to know it in a few minutes. 

Base Camp

Another productivity app for teamwork is Base Camp. If you usually get lost when doing a lot of work together, Base Camp can rescue them from that maze. It can organize all your tasks with a specific due date, requirements, files, messages, meetings, and other related information. As it can raise your team interaction and communication when working remotely, your work procedures become transparent and clear. Hence, it enhances productivity. 

Atom 8

The most effective way to boost productivity is automatic transformation. Atom8 is considered the best productivity app for tasks automation on BigCommerce and Spotify platforms. With Atom8, the work procedure is genuinely sped up and accurate. Hence, you no longer worry about difficult or time-consuming tasks like manual operation. Also, it is easy to keep track of the work progress as every step is all illustrated on the dashboard. 

Atom totally can create the most convenient working ecosystem for your business. Thanks to its great integration, you can also complete tasks on other platforms like Google Sheets, Hubspot, etc. This feature helps your business optimize time and effort, which leads to profit improvement.

It is user-friendly too! No matter what field your business is in, it provides a wide range of templates suitable for different business types, including marketing, operations, customer service, etc.

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You also can automate your business with Zapier. This productivity app may be a good choice if you pay significant attention to customers and your companies’ data security. Also, with over 3000 connections with other apps, Zapier helps your business from A to Z automation. 

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Additionally, this app is compatible with multitasking processes from email sending to data converting. It can help you effortlessly organize and control your tasks with intelligent workflow building, analyzing your conditions, and recommending logically sorted steps.  


If you feel annoyed when using various apps at once, Slack will help you stay focused on one app but having enough tools and resources to finish your assignment. Slack also offers you a chance to connect with other teams from different companies so you can meet and discuss your partnership from everywhere. 

Its workflow builder is key-driven to organize your routine and messy tasks. In addition, Slack is a productivity app for small-sized businesses and an excellent solution for any enterprise at any level. 

Microsoft Teams

Whenever considering productivity tools, it is a mistake to ignore the Microsoft ecosystem, especially Microsoft Teams. This app makes your meetings, discussions, and conferences more effective and smooth. The high-resolution video call and animated stickers in the chatbox make your online communication exciting and lively. 

Moreover, you can also store files and folders for future discussion and assign work for your team with only one click. You also can record every meeting and keep it for other purposes.  


If you are creative and want to customize your business’ coworking spaces in a unique design, it would be better to choose Notion. Notion allows you to design and compose your templates which fit your business’ fields. For small companies, it offers three functions: Team Wiki, Project Management, and Shared Docs. 

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Team Wiki helps your teammates comprehend the company, goals setting, natures, and regulations to ensure they do well in following tasks. Project Management and Shared Docs, which include all-in-one, help your teams avoid being disrupted by external factors and stay productive in one place. 


Have your businesses faced some accounting-related problems? Tide can be your virtual accounting department. It allows you to set up payment schedules, flexibly transfer and connect with other accounting apps. You can add up to five companies in an account and neatly manage all of them. Also, your employees can access the company account to follow their annual payments.

Wave Accounting 

This productivity tool is ideal for entrepreneurs’ accounting. Wave Accounting is a supportive assistant for tracking all the expenses and incomes, managing payments and invoices. It is a plus when it can do everything automatically in an app that helps your company save a vast amount of time and effort. Moreover, it also allows users to create and professional invoices with available templates freely. 


We understand that small businesses usually have some concerns related to these problems: teamwork management, automatic operation, coworking space, and accounting. Hence, we have brought you some productivity tools introduction and reviews, which belong to four main categories. In the end, we hope you can choose the best productivity tools for your business after reading our article. 

If you currently have an idea, make your decision now!


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