BigCommerce Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

atom8 vs celigo vs flxpoint vs walmart connector

Let’s take a look to see what’s the best choice for BigCommerce eCommerce Automation software between Atom8 (a no-code eCommerce Automation software) vs. Celigo (an iPaaS – integration Platform as a Service) vs. Flxpoint (an eCommerce operation platform) vs. and Walmart Connector (a dedicated store-to-seller integration app).

Understanding the difference between connector applications, integration platforms, and a dedicated eCommerce automation software will help free up hours of unnecessary work.

Features differences Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

Differences between Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

Customer segmentation strategy

Small to medium size business owners know that loyal customers keep the doors open. On average, 65% of business comes from existing customers. As shops grow, owners are encouraged to reward loyal customers with exciting benefit programs.

One way to celebrate your customer base is to segment new and existing customers. Take notice of big-spending customers, create insider incentives for their subsequent purchases, or encourage upsells with one-time spenders. Step up your customer personalization; 75% of customers will choose brands that provide a personalized customer experience.

Only one of the three applications supports customer segmentation – Atom8. With their pre-built automation template, businesses can easily create multiple factions for their customers based on purchase behaviors.

Atom8 automation flow example

Inventory management

Did you know that 1 out of 3 businesses will miss a shipment deadline because of poor inventory management? It’s frustrating to spend most of your time reviewing inventory stocks and cross-referencing orders. For many businesses, inventory management is the first to get automated.

Atom8, Celigo, and Flxpoint all support inventory management on BigCommerce to different degrees. With its built-in integration with 3PL warehouse management software, Celigo offers the most robust option.

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If your business is focused more on handling backorders and having real-time inventory notifications, Atom8 stands out as the crowd-pleaser. Having a constant eye on inventory while enjoying time for creativity is why businesses are automating in the first place.

Multichannel listing

Want to branch out into different commerce platforms from BigCommerce? Walmart Connector is an official Walmart Channel Integration Partner designed to bring your business onto the world’s largest retailer. Similar connector apps on BigCommerce, such as Etsy Connector or Newegg Connector, serve similar purposes.

Exposure is key to maximizing your business’s customer pool. Celigo’s most significant selling point is its ability to consolidate many connectors into one platform. Unlike Walmart Connector, users on Celigo can browse many different integration options and choose from many outlets. 

Price and budget

At the heart of it, these three programs are drastically divergent in their core concept. Here we see such a vast difference in pricing between Atom8, Celigo, and Flxpoint.

The most affordable option suited for businesses of all sizes is clearly:

Atom8 price: Minimum of $49.9 / month

The “no code” eCommerce Automation software helps any business eliminate manual work and remove human errors through automation.

Larger firms with a need for a dedicated platform to consolidate many channels of information, such as 3PL warehouse management and CPM & CRM software, Celigo and Flxpoint have what you are looking for.

Celigo: Upfront fee: $900 & Recurring fee: $250.0 / month

Flxpoint: Minimum of $999 / month

Connector apps like Walmart Connector are niche in their function. Walmart Connector is a good starting point if your business plans to expand outside the BigCommerce bubble.

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Walmart Connector: $49.0 / Month

BigCommerce Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

To recap, if your business is looking for an eCommerce Automation solution that excels at inventory management, marketing automation, and customer relationship, Atom8 is our recommendation. The ideal option for rising SMEs wanting to automate their workflow without breaking the bank, Atom8 will let you enjoy running your business again.

Celigo and Flxpoint offer your business a management platform with a vast choice of integration. Though running the system might take time and some technical knowledge, these applications make a difference in how you run your business.

By reading our analysis, we hope you have found the best BigCommerce Automation software for your business between Atom8 vs. Celigo, Flxpoint, and Walmart Connector.


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