BigCommerce Blogging Hacks For Merchants


You have a lot of ideas and useful knowledge and you want to share them with your customers? The blog would be an ideal selection. However, the idea is not enough. How to deliver your idea to target customers and enhance sales on the Bigcommerce platform is truly difficult. Understanding those obstacles, we have found some practical tips for Bigcommerce blogs with detailed descriptions and instructions here.

Tips For Your Bigcommerce Blogs

Define Your Audiences

First and foremost, if you want to share something, you must decide who you want to talk to. Choosing the target audiences or customers is super important. The audience should be your target customer as you can boost sales through BigCommerce blogs. Once you know your readers, you can select the information, ways to approach, and blog formats to enhance the effectiveness and attraction of your posts. The useful content, impressive wording styles, and well-matched thoughts can touch the customers’ minds, convince and motivate them to buy your products.

Pay Attention To SEO

SEO is the key to helping your blog reach more audiences. Your BigCommerce blogs should stick to SEO criteria such as high-quality content, effective keywords, internal links, etc to get a high ranking on some search engines so the customers can easily find them. Moreover, SEO improvement will enhance your site traffic. Because your Bigcommerce blog gets a high rank, more and more people click on it and visit your eCommerce stores.

Plan For Content

There are so many topics that are hot for a certain time in a year. For example, in December, the best topic to choose is about Christmas and your Bigcommerce blog would be ineffective if it is about summer products. To ensure your target readers are interested in your works, you need to plan and schedule your content

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Moreover, frequently updating new trends and writing about them is extremely great as it can attract more audiences. People tend to search on the internet about something new, something prevailing or strange phenomenon, sticking to them and generating useful content will help you boost your Bigcommerce blog’s quality and increase conversion rate

Expand To Automation

A lot of business tasks have been converted into automation to reduce time and effort and Bigcommerce blogging tasks are not an exception. So what automatic application can do for your blog?

First, about the audiences or customers’ tastes. The automatic application can track the customers’ behaviors and generate data into spreadsheets for analysis. You can based on that data to realize and depict the trends, what customers like, how customers react to find out what they need and write about them. The blog which can solve the customers’ concerns will be trusted by customers. Then, the buyers may choose your products without any hesitation.

Secondly, you can use an automatic application such as Atom8 to automatically publish or hide your Bigcommerce blogs. This approach will help you to save time and make your content management easier.

internal CTA atom8 1

Atom8 makes store management tasks effortless by automation.


Your Bigcommerce blogs will become a powerful tool to increase sales page conversion rate and revenues with our interesting hacks. Now, maybe you need to take steps to improve your blogs and then, gain over-expected achievement.


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