How to limit only specific customers can backorder on BigCommerce

bigcommerce specific customers can backorder

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, backorder is an optimal solution for you to gain a continuous revenue stream. But sometimes, you may want only a certain group of customers can see your products with this special functions? Today, we will instruct you how to limit specific customers can backorder on BigCommerce. 

Assign backorder products on BackOrder app

On BigCommerce, BackOrder app by GritGlobal seems to be the only solution for your store that allows customers to backorder. You may find the app on BigCommerce’s marketplace and follow instructions to install it:

BackOrder CTA

After installation, open your BackOrder app and click on “Products” page. Here you can select one or more products to assign them to backorder function. If you choose only one product, then click on three dots vertically aligned at the end of the product’s row. Otherwise, click on Bulk Assign to edit all the selected products.

Next, it requires you the data of current stock, Backorder Threshold, Incoming Stock, Back in stock date and shipping description. After having all the information filled, click Save and you get your products assigned to BackOrder. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Create a product category

Now, put all the products with BackOder feature into one category, which you want to share only with your special group of customers. You can either Create a new category or add the assigned products to an available one.

Limit a group of customers to backorder on BigCommerce

In the sidebar, choose “Customer” → “Customer Group”. Here, make a new Group or edit the default ones.

If you decide to get a new one, fill the its then choose category including products assigned to BackOrder to be visible with that group. Save all the settings and your store is ready with its new feature.

Hopefully, you can find these instructions useful for your business. Let’s try them on your BigCommerce store to limit specific customers can backorder right now!

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