Hype Strategies With Backorder Products

Hype product for backorders

Customers usually feel disappointed when their favorite items are out of stock and feel impatient to wait for restock plan of your store. Therefore, it seems to struggle to make backorder products attract their target customers. They need more attractive and practical strategies to hype products and thus gain more profits. Today, we are here to recommend some specific product hype approaches to your stores to increase backorder products sales. 


How To Provoke Hype With Backorder Products

Build Customers’ Trust

We all know that the customers often irritably wait for the backorder products. Therefore, the sellers usually notify customers of misleading information about restock plans such as an earlier day or hide delivery problems. This action may make customers feel satisfied initially, but the result is unimaginable. Once you are a liar, the customers will no longer trust you. Hence, your company reputation and further selling will be adversely affected. 

Besides, you also need to allow customers to access the restock plan tracking and receive frequent notifications about their products’ status. If you use Bigcommerce platforms, the Backorder application will help you at this stage

Convince Customers

You need to give them a persuasive reason why they should wait and buy products from your stores. Giving the customers the best experience that stands out from your competitors, like the straightforward procedure, quick and easy payment process, fast delivery, etc., will make customers have more motivation to pre-order at your store. If your eCommerce site uses Spotify or Bigcommerce platforms, Atom8 will support your product-related processes run smoothly. 

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Moreover, highlighting on your eCommerce site or sending positive feedback from old customers who have bought backorder products at your store is also a practical way to convince new customers.

Impress Product Hype

The attention-grabbing advertising activities about backorders products on your eCommerce site will make your products valuable. Hence, the customer will find it deserved to wait for days. An eye-catching countdown timer in your eCommerce landing page gives the customer a specific time when they can have their favorite items. Also, it lets them feel that their expected orders are getting closer to them. Another way is taking advantage of social media. Building connections with KOLs can enhance the product’s coverage, catch more attention, and thus sell more.

Compensate By Special Offers

Besides ensuring the best quality of backorder products, another way to reinforce product hype is the compensation for their time and efforts when waiting for days. You can compensate your customers in the form of direct discounts, vouchers or complimentary products, etc. Moreover, the 1-day-shipping program is also a way to pay for your customers’ effort. 

Minimize Customers Risks

There are some risks you need to pay attention to before allowing your customers to pre-order. To generate product hype, you would better establish policies for unexpected cases like the prices increasing, shipping fee increasing, or some unpredicted changes. This action will help you to reinforce customers’ trust and raise backorder products’ revenue. 



Generating hype for backorder products plays a crucial role in reducing loss, boosting your sales and products, and maintaining a solid relationship with customers. You already know some solutions to strengthen product hype. In the end, we hope that you can utilize those strategies above and hit your target!

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