How to add Suggested Products to BigCommerce Checkout page

BigCommerce suggested product

In a grocery store, the firm usually puts inexpensive and small items near the cashier counter or along the checkout line. These arrangements attempt to stimulate customers to include those items into their purchases. Applying the same concept, BigCommerce checkout page should have a “suggested products” function to increase its average order values. 

This approach helps sellers to naturally upsell a certain product that they think customers may be interested in. The idea is simple but very powerful and effective, therefore, let’s discover how to add suggested products to BigCommerce Checkout page in this article.

How to add suggested products to BigCommerce checkout page

Order Booster app and How to install

Order Booster is a Product Recommendation App for BigCommerce, which: 

  • Contributes to shopping experiences personalization
  • Increases conversion rates and AOV
  • Helps to grow sales

It will automatically set up conditions to trigger a display of product list based on provided information. The input data could be customer behaviors such as recent purchases, recent views, or cart’s status.

The app is now available in the app marketplace of BigCommerce. For quick access, click on the link, press the button “get this app” then follow the guidelines for installation.

How Order Booster works

To start using, you should click on the “+ New Rule” button on the top right corner to easily create booster rules for your pages.

Then, on the “new booster rule” tab, you need to:

  1. Set target pages to display recommendation products, for example product page, cart page, checkout page, or thankyou page.
  2. Select trigger condition for showing products. In this step, Order Booster gives you a very flexible range of choices. You can set conditions for either one single product or cart price/quantity and line item in cart.
  3. Select products to suggest. You can also filter the products based on product’s name, purchasability and visibility.
  1. Adjust settings if necessary. In the settings function, it is possible to add rule description and publish status. If you want to apply the rule for a specific period of time, schedule the date here!
  1. Save and check the created rule on the storefront.
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One interesting feature is that you can select several different rules to apply at the same time for your eCommerce page.

Based on powerful conditions settings in the app, you will better understand your customer with their previous and current purchasing behavior. Then, Order Booster customizes the list of products to display to each segment of customers on different pages, to boost the sales. The suggested products should be shown in the “often buy with” session as in the picture below:

As a buyer, you may see your page presented as follow:

In conclusion, adding suggested products to your BigCommerce Checkout Page is worth considering for your business growth. With Order Booster app, you can increase conversion rate and productivity by applying automation. Moreover, the recommendation rule is super flexible and can automate campaign setup and optimization.


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