Don’t lose your customer in the delivery process

Don’t lose your customer in the delivery process

Waiting for the package is the most emotional and exciting part of the buying journey. Take the lead out of your competitors by being the proactive partner to your customer. They want to know where their package is and when they can receive it. Business owners are all aware of this expectation but do you have the answer to fulfill this?

According to parcel Lab’s E-Commmerce Shipping Study 2020: Fashion Edition, only 7% of the retailers surveyed communicated with their customers during shipping. This means that 93% of retailers are effectively ignoring their customers after orders made – it is a huge room for you to become the leader just by resolving this!

The first thing that needs to pay attention is the order process. Don’t forget to inform your customer on their completed order with expected time of delivery. And second thing, make sure that they will not face up with any constraint during the shipping process:

Order satisfaction is the priority

The customer journey doesn’t end with a purchaseI – a fact that any online business must be aware of. The packaging and shipping of the product when customers receive the package is as important as the product inside. They are an important factor in a customer’s perception of your business as the quality of product. Unexplained delays or poor communication around delivery have the potential to ruin a customer’s positive experience about your business.

Accordingly, it’s important to be clear with your customers details of their order, and update them regularly about the status and expected delivery day. In fact, many customers will review a company’s shipping policy before they place an order (UPS), and delivery speed is a significant factor for them to consider choosing to buy from a shop.

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Ensure the order progress run smoothly

When an order has been marked as unfulfilled, you are on the verge to lose your customer. And you may not know what a customer can actually be a 10$ shopper or a 10,000$ in the future. Your team must right away be noticed to follow up and do something to relieve the angry customer. If this problem persists, another follow up must be made, to ensure the order is resolved and you keep your customer by your side. 

Checking and following through the whole process to guarantee an order is delivered successfully is the last step to satisfy your customer and make them come back in the near future. 

Doing online business may be a struggle sometimes but you could surely succeed if you win in each and every step from the beginning.

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