Don’t lose your customer in the delivery process

Don’t lose your customer in the delivery process

Waiting for the package is the most emotional and exciting part of the buying journey. Take the lead out of your competitors by being the proactive partner to your customer. They want to know where their package is and when they can receive it. Business owners are all aware of this expectation but do you have the answer to fulfill this?

Birthday Marketing Ideas to Get Customers

Customer birthday campaign

Birthdays are a big part of everyone’s year. Accordingly, a birthday is a great opportunity to nurture and strengthen your relationship with your contacts, by engaging with them through a gift or offer on their special day, or in their birth month.

4 Small Business Challenges Every Merchant Should Know

start small businesses

Like training for a marathon or mastering the art of making croissants from scratch, running a small business requires lots of effort. From the beginning, small businesses are likely to come across many different challenges that does not hesitate to come all over at a time. While some obstacles are easy to overcome, some may take you many sleepless nights.

3 Key Components of Profound Ecommerce Customer Relations

Ecommerce Customer Relations

You spend a lot of time and effort on acquiring a new customer, you would never want him to purchase just 1 order then leave to your competitor side. You want them to buy more with up-sales & cross-sale campaigns. Let’s answer the question: “What does a customer appreciate when receiving from you?”

3 Must-Have Post-purchase Customer Engagement Workflows

Customer engagement workflow

In this article, we outline 3 e-commerce must-have after-sale customer engagement workflows that all e-commerce business owners should familiarize themselves with to ensure that they’re not missing out on opportunities to capture, engage, and convert valuable leads.

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