Drive eCommerce upsell with automation

eCommerce upsell

Do you think eCommerce is a better way of doing business today? Is eCommerce cheaper and better compared to offline shopping?

Honestly, no everyone will agree to these questions because eCommerce is not different from our offline world. The only thing that makes eCommerce groundbreaking is the fact that you can stay anywhere and buy anything.

Like offline stores, eCommerce companies apply various techniques to increase their sales and revenue; some of these include price anchoring, bundling, upselling, and cross-selling. To drive sales, most business owners use automation in their online store along with other strategies.

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In this write-up, we will look at how you can drive eCommerce upsell with automation.

What is upselling?

Upselling is a technique where you provide your customers the opportunity to upgrade to a product they already bought or get a more expensive version of the product to maximize their purchase. The main reason is for a customer to spend more than they intended to spend on your store. While many think this technique is spammy or unethical, it is allowed in the eCommerce industry.

The secret to upselling a product is to offer a product, which adds value and improves your customer’s well-being. In other words, the product should have something that customers value.

How to drive eCommerce upsell with automation

Segment your customers by behavior

The first step is to segment your customers using various criteria. With automation, you can segment them based on their behavior, repeated purchases, first-time purchase, or specific category. For instance, a customer who loves buying a particular product can use the upsell technique to suggest the benefit of opting for a higher product.
Furthermore, segmenting your customer behavior allows you to understand them better when it comes to suggesting newer products.

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Send emails to nurture new customers

You need to nurture new customers through email. Here, you should ensure to begin with a personalized greeting and show the product they previously purchased. Furthermore, provide recommendations or an enticement to upsell to a more expensive or newer product.
While doing this, ensure to get feedback from your customer about which product they would like to see. Moreover, the email should contain means of reaching back to your store peradventure they need any assistance. Some customers might feel caged in; therefore, provide an opt-out option.

Create loyalty program

At times, you need to create a loyalty program or free shipping program that allows you to ship items. Over 89% of customers believe that free shipping is a huge incentive to shopping more. Here, you can remind the customers to spend more or buy particular products to qualify for free shipping.

Personalize recommendations and highlight past purchases

Recommendations work better if you personalize them when sending them to your customers. A recent study shows that more than 76% of online shoppers will buy from a retailer if they know their previous purchase history or get a recommendation based on that history. Furthermore, when making a recommendation, address them by their name.

Choose the right automation app

Find out which features you need from an automation tool by analyzing your eCommerce upsell plans. There are various types of automation app in the market, hence the option to use a number of apps for different purposes or one comprehensive workflow automation.

If you are looking for BigCommerce automation or Shopify automation, don’t forget to give our apps a try!

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