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As a company owner, you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions that it’s difficult to know where to concentrate on. That’s why many eCommerce companies need productivity tools to keep track of their work. The best productivity apps ensure that you use your time wisely, removing tasks from your plate that you don’t need to do and automating tasks that aren’t worth anyone’s time.

You can start boosting efficiency through the entire team once you’ve mastered your time management. Use these eight free productivity apps to ensure that everyone in your company can access the resources needed to get their work done as quickly as possible.


Trello is the perfect project management software for teamwork. The app helps handle tasks that need to be passed through different members or teams before completed.

With Trello, you can:

  • Build different blocks for each stage in your project
  • Transfer tasks from one block to another as they are completed
  • Assign tasks to the people in charge
  • Assess the status of each outstanding job at a glance

Trello is suitable for workflows involving authors, editors, graphic designers, and hiring and recruiting, where there are many people that are responsible for particular tasks at various stages of the process.


Slack is a real-time chat app that allows teams to connect. When email’s asynchronicity isn’t quick enough, individual team members can send instant messages to each other. What makes Slack outstanding among eCommerce productivity tools is that it has a place for full-team discussion and collaboration.

However, Slack’s most outstanding feature is its usability. You can also connect the app with other platforms to do things such as:

  • Create help tickets from Slack conversations
  • Save attachments directly to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Add to-dos received in Slack to your to-do list, etc
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Slack also simplifies obtaining knowledge from your colleagues. For example, you may add an app that gathers updates for a regular standup, takes food orders for a catered lunch, or automatically sends weekly employee engagement polls.

Some of these apps are free, while others are charged, but the Slack app store has a wide selection to choose from.

Wave Accounting

Wave is a free, feature-rich business accounting platform that allows owners and finance teams to collaborate on revenues, invoices, expenditures, and earnings.

You get unlimited bank account transfers, invoicing, and receipt scanning with Wave’s free plan. Thus it is much simpler to capture and consolidate all of your business expenses and revenue. Add the employees’ company credit cards to charge their costs and use Wave’s mobile app to upload pictures of receipts.

You can also accept payments via Wave (though transaction fees apply) and have revenues in foreign currencies automatically converted. Finally, add your accountants and bookkeepers to your system so that you’re all operating with the exact details. Remember to set permissions to ensure that only the information you want them to see is visible.


One specialty among eCommerce productive tools is Atom8. This is a workflow automation platform that allows for converting repetitive tasks into workflows that execute according to predetermined rules. 

You can set up a process to publish products, pages, and themes whenever you want. In other words, you don’t have to wait until midnight or until the business day opens to upload them. You can also tag customers and orders based on their characteristics such as location, order value, total spending, and many more. 

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Furthermore, the app can be integrated with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or Sendgrid and delivery management tools like ShipStation to streamline your operation.  For example, Atom8 will trigger an automated campaign on MailChimp whenever there is a change in the order status. 

By taking over repetitive tasks, the app free time and resources worth spending on more impactful business activities.

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