7 ways your competitors are running eCommerce shop automation

ecommerce shop automation

Nowadays, eCommerce shop automation is widespread as a lot of businesses automate their workflow to stay productive and save time. However, if you conduct the automation inappropriately, the businesses may encounter various obstacles and cannot maintain desirable productivity. Our article today will show you 7 tips that strengthen your shop automation.

Do You Know How To Run Ecommerce Shop Automation 

Track Customer Behavior 

To have the fundamentals for other processes, the first thing is to track customer behaviors. This approach provides the business the information of customers’ favorite product, order value, preference, customers pain point and so on. This source of data can help the business run automatic campaigns such as email marketing, product recommendation and other marketing activities.

Real-time Notification 

Most of the normal communication with customers will be conducted by real-time notification which can notify customers about their orders to help them keep track of the order process and delivery status. This kind of automation can help the customers keep in touch with the businesses, avoid arising problems and conflicts related to misunderstanding and unclear information. Those notifications can be sent through mobile apps or customers’ emails.

Deal With Low-Stock And Out-of-stock 

Inventory management is always a top-headline duty of any business. The business runners need to deal with low-stock and out-of-stock issues with the support of automation. The automation application can update the stock status in real-time and the managers can have realistic information about the stocks to identify potential problems and plan to fix them 

Remind Cart Abandonment 

Cart abandonment is truly a nightmare with eCommerce sellers. Besides improving the product quality, launching compelling promotion campaigns to motivate customers to place orders, the sellers can take advantage of automation to send email reminders to customers who abandoned shopping carts. Some automation applications can track the customers’ behaviors; from which the sellers can identify the reasons why customers leave their carts and find ways to convince them to finish the order process.

Conduct Dropshipping 

Dropshipping has become a new trend in eCommerce because of its low-cost service and convenience. So that the business runners can take advantage of automation to run a smooth and fast workflow. For example, Atom8 can notify the shipping service about the new orders and conduct a shipping process immediately; to ensure the customers can receive the shipment as soon as possible. 

Schedule Web Content 

The web content can be scheduled automatically, in accordance with your content planner. At the exact date and time, the automation application can help you to publish or hide articles and posts without manual effort. Thus, this approach can help businesses manage web content better and effortlessly.

Utilize Automation App 

There are various kinds of automation apps on the today app marketplace. Therefore, the business runners need to choose one which is most suitable with their business needs, budget and operation methods. It would be better if the businesses choose automation apps that can automate and take part in various business tasks; such as order categorization, product management, web content management, email marketing, and real-time notification. If you don’t have any idea to choose an app, you can try Atom8 – one of the best automation apps for any eCommerce business.

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With seven valuable tips when running eCommerce shop automation above, we hope that you can transform your business and stay productive among various business tasks.


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