How Automation Changes Business Workflow

automation changes the way people do business

Business workflow automation allows organizations to streamline their critical processes using technology. The aim is to minimize the complexity of having to conduct repetitive tasks all at once. 

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Automation is not only efficient in terms of cost and time but also helps online stores expand their business more rapidly. Below we discuss 7 easily-adopted automation workflows that have helped plenty of entrepreneurs to foster productivity. 

1. Hiring process

Organizations might receive hundreds to thousands of applications a day. Storing information and categorizing applicants must be frustrating for any employer. Workflow automation enables applications to be sorted out at the moment it’s sent, enabling them to seamlessly scan through and identify the most suitable candidates for a vacancy.

2. Employee leave and vacation requests

Each employee has different demands for leave and vacation, which makes it very time-consuming to manually track and make a summary of all the numbers. With business workflow automation, employees can send an electronic request that automatically routes to their supervisors for approval. The system will also store data about the total number of leaves they have.

3. Purchase order

In the traditional business setting, when an online order is placed, store owners have to note down customer information such as name, address, number of items, what variants they want. Merchants also need to keep an eye on their inventory to avoid being out-of-stock. With business workflow automation, these data are automatically stored in the database. It is easier not only to manage but also to retrieve later for personalization or discount programs. 

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For example, this workflow is triggered whenever there is a new order. If any product name includes iPhone, the system will assign customers to “Apple customers” and send them a confirmation via Mailchimp.

automation workflow for email mail nurture4. Logistics and supply chain management 

Business workflow automation helps improve communication with suppliers and delivery service. Store owners no longer have to call every partner to book a van, check the delivery status, or update orders. Customers can also see the status of their package easy as pie on the website, which increases credibility and satisfaction.

5. Social media management

A study found that 90% of customers will visit a website after engaging with the company on social media. That’s why a lot of marketers have been focusing their efforts on updating their social media account every couple of hours. Now you can integrate your social media with business workflow automation. The app will publish your content on a predetermined timeline on the right platforms. As a result,  you will save a lot of precious time on repetitive tasks to spend on more impactful business activities. 

6. Auditing

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging auditing automation technology, which can carry the work 2 times faster than manually done. RPA helps improve the efficiency of the audit process, minimize the error accompanied by this complex task and generate more powerful insights. 

7. Customer support

Chatbots and other virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, 55% of customers prefer engaging with chatbots when they have a problem. Chatbots are programmed to absorb questions as input, analyzing them using a natural language processing mechanism, and return an answer as stored in the system. This technology helps businesses ensure quick and restlessly 24/7 customer service to satisfy customers at any time. 

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Final note

Business workflow automation frees companies from tedious repetitive tasks to focus on work that matters. 

It is a must-have for any business if you want to enhance productivity and scale up revenue. Try Atom8 automation today to see how you can stimulate your business performance.


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