Instances when BigCommerce stores segment customers


It is evident that BigCommerce stores are taking advantage of customer segmentation in several ways. By staying customer-focused, businesses can generate significant revenue to achieve their goal. 

Data segmentation provides store owners various opportunities to create better experiences for their customers. Businesses can profile current customer shopping behavior and make adjustments according to the preferences and buying habits of each segment separately. Let’s check out the typical instances for BigCommerce segment customers that might be applied to your own business!

What is customer segmentation?

Instances when BigCommerce stores segment customers

Customer segmentation is the practice of grouping your customers based on shared attributes. Specific characteristics, such as demographic, behavioral, psychographic, geographic, etc., are used in this procedure.

Your client base may be segmented to assist you to determine the specific demands of each category and offer the right marketing messages.

Additionally, because distinct marketing techniques can be developed for each area, segmentation enables marketers to maximize their spending.

Instances of BigCommerce segment customers

Below, we give the most well-known BigCommerce segment customers examples that might be useful to a BigCommerce eCommerce firm.


There is no better place to begin customer segmentation than with their gender. It just won’t work to run the exact identical campaign for both genders. The game is over if your target audience doesn’t see what they’re expecting to see.


To make your campaigns as successful as possible if your products or services appeal to a variety of age groups, it’s a good idea to develop age-oriented segments.

With an attractive deal that expires right before the start of the new school year, Avocode specifically targets its niche of young children. Any student who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money will surely find this intriguing.

Instances when BigCommerce stores segment customers

Geographical segmentation

Does your online business provide delivery to other cities? In that situation, how about sending your clients a virtual “hello,” but this time with a picture of the neighborhood branch and staff?

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Just picture how much more approachable a brand would become as a result. Your consumers can be categorized according to their nation, state, city, etc.


The jobs that your clients hold can also be used for demographic segmentation. By doing this, you’ll be able to design extremely relevant campaigns for them.

Seasonality should be considered when marketing to certain professions as it may maximize campaign outcomes and make capturing clients’ attention simpler.

Income (Economic status)

When you have both pricey and more cheap items, this works very effectively. You may give your consumers appropriate things they can afford when you segment your customer base depending on their income.

These consumer details together with their ages can help you increase the relevancy of your emails and utilize the right messaging.

Instances when BigCommerce stores segment customers

In conclusion, 

It is clear that customer segmentation paves the way for superior personalization across channels. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact us and we will be happy to guide you on how extraordinary customer experiences become more accessible through customization technology. 

Customer data enable brands around the world to understand their customers better, with segmenting methodologies used to add a more sophisticated layer of understanding and viewing them as individuals. To ensure a successful BigCommerce digital strategy, the practice of BigCommerce segment customers should be at the core of all your digital efforts.


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