Top 4 magento 2 tier price extensions

magento 2 tier price extensions

MMagento 2 tier price extension is a powerful tool to help the sellers conduct tier pricing strategy and higher discount offerings with larger numbers of orders. The eCommerce store, which has diversified customer categories may need those extensions to have suitable approaches for each customer segment and then enhance their shopping experience.

Our article today will list the top 4 best Magento 2 tier price extensions, which can be the well-matched piece of your store.

4 Must-try Magento 2 tier price extensions


Mageplaza is a typical Magento 2 tier price extension for Magento 2 sellers. This app can help you to automate your pricing table including diversified tier categories with different features in many cases. Magaplaze can support you to adjust tier price for a large number of products and specialize to specific customer segments.

Moreover, this extension provides various features for you to set your own tier pricing with attention-grabbing sounding notice. The sellers, who can take advantage of this app can totally upgrade their customer shopping experience.

Pricing: $99


Fmeextensions can help sellers apply tier pricing plans and percent discounts to specific products, product lines and mass products, that may be suitable for businesses that have both wholesaling and retailing customers.

This Magento 2 tier price extension also allows customers to post pictures to find products. Also, it helps them to compute prices based on CSV files in various measurement units such as mm, cm, meter, etc. The customers can freely set the quantity and product types and then this app can automatically calculate the prices. This app can be helpful for B2B wholesalers that support bulk orders effectively. 

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Pricing: from $339.99


If you have various customer segmentation and you follow personalization strategies, Mageworx is the most suitable Magento 2 tier price extension for your business. It can help you to custom pricing plans for each product type and each customer which focuses on your personalization strategies. Specifically, in sale seasons, you can take advantage of Mageworx to set percent discounts and discount prices based on base price.

Moreover, any adjustments to the product prices can be modified in bulk. That helps you save a lot of time, maintain a smooth and simple workflow and manage your selling effortlessly.

Pricing: $149


Another Magento 2 tier price extension which we would like to introduce you is Anowave. With this app, you can totally set a fixed price for your product. Or set a discount percent for each buyer segment, and set a personalized price for a specific customer. Moreover, it also helps you save time and effort as it can automatically update the prices of the products. The customers, who usually place bulk orders, can benefit from this app because it can set each customer’s product amount deducted from the fixed price. 

Pricing: €79.90

An all-in-one B2B solution

GritGlobal’s Magento B2B Platform can transform your B2C Magento site to B2B. There are various extensions in the marketplace, but they most likely only fulfill one feature.

The B2B platform allows you to manage distributors’ accounts, custom catalog, and pricing easily. Moreover, options to request and negotiate quotes can empower your sales processes on a whole different level.

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If you are overwhelmed by various choices of Magento 2 tier price extensions, you may find your expected one among our lists above. We hope that you can upgrade your operation and customers’ shopping experience with our suggestions. 


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