How all manufacturers can benefit from backorder

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Recently, backorder is not a strange approach for the manufacturers. This is one of the powerful solutions for a low-cost business model that helps the business runners save a lot of money and effort on operation and manufacture. To make clear the benefits of the backorder for manufacturers, our article today will list some remarkable advantages and detailed explanations. Therefore, the business runners can make decisions on whether they should adopt this approach or not.

Which Advantages Backorder Can Bring To Manufacturers?

Save Warehouse Space

The most transparent effectiveness of utilizing backorder is helping your business save on storage space. When your businesses allow customers to backorder, your inventory may not be under pressure of holding a large number of stocks. Also, out-of-stock status is no longer a nightmare for your selling, especially in peak seasons. Moreover, the business runners do not spend too much time planning and controlling the inventory as normal because backorder is an awesome plan B for any selling status. 

Reduce Logistics Cost

In fact, the cost for storing products does not only include the rental fee but also the maintenance fee, cost for guarantee, and logistic staff. With the backorder, the products are only produced or supplied whenever customers place a new order. Therefore, it can minimize all of the costs we have mentioned. Moreover, the new-manufactured products will be directly delivered to the customers without transporting to your warehouses. As a result, the logistic cost can be cut down and you can spend your budget investing in other profitable things.

Minimize The Price

As you can alleviate the logistics burden from backorder, you can reduce the production cost of your products. Moreover, backorder also helps you avoid wasted inventory such as idle or deadstock; and you can discount the product price considerably. Therefore, the customers are able to buy your high-quality products at affordable prices. Also, the discounted price is one of the most effective approaches to boost sales and maintain long-term customer relationships.

Enhance Product Hype

The customers usually have high expectations of out-of-stock and high-demanded products; and they will desire to have those items despite a little longer waiting time. Backorder plays a vital role in enhancing product hype. If your stores have a lot of hot products, the customers will believe that your store is one of the best places to buy products; and they can alleviate their hesitation to shop on your eCommerce sites. The bonus point here is that your stores can attract more new customers thanks to the dynamic selling sites. 


With the five most remarkable advantages that backorder can bring your store above, you can decide whether you should apply this solution to your eCommerce business or not. If you are running a low-cost business, backorder will be desirable for you. Also, you can try the BackOrder App on your BigCommerce stores; to take advantage of backorder completely with simple usage and smooth operation. All beginners are welcomed as all you need to do with this app is pre-setting your products; as backorder and this solution will be automatically activated when the items are out-of-stock.

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