Most common B2B eCommerce website mistakes Magento merchants made

b2b ecommerce website mistakes made

Running a B2B eCommerce business on Magento is becoming popular. Most Magento merchants comprehend the process to operate, sell and optimize performance to satisfy customers and boost revenues. However, they usually make some mistakes which can directly affect the business performance and worsen the customer experience. Therefore, our article today will list out some B2B eCommerce website mistakes Magento stores made. So that you can pay more attention to.

Most Of The Merchants Made Those B2B eCommerce Website Mistakes

Use Unrelated Product Description

The customers can find their expected products through keywords in product tags and product descriptions. The more related product description, the faster they find that product. However, some businesses display a long paragraph of product description with a lot of information without focusing on the main features and product keywords. The unrelated product description can distract the customers, make them concerned and make the order process time-consuming.

Complicated Checkout Process

One of the main reasons which cause sky-high cart abandonment rate is the complicated checkout process. The first factor that makes your order process complex is asking for too much information. It is undeniable that a lot of information can be a valuable source for you to improve the service, understand your customers and find out some interesting things. However, not all the customers feel free to provide you with all the information as they just want to publicize necessary contact information for further connection and delivery. 

If you want to have more information, it is better to list all of them in an optional area. Moreover, you should save the customers’ previous contact information and the customers don’t need to fill in the information form again. 

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Installing Too Many Extensions

Magento extensions can support businesses in various tasks. The extensions can help businesses stay productive, save time and energy to enhance web performance, customer satisfaction and automate business tasks. A large business usually needs different extensions to operate simultaneously, which may worsen the web performance, make it slower and can not run smoothly. Therefore, businesses need to find another way to handle tasks and improve workflow. For example, they can utilize the B2B platform from GritGlobal to add a full package of B2B features to your eCommerce business and maintain a smooth and fast-response eCommerce site.

Magento Features Ignorance

A lot of business runners pay attention to and take advantage of extensions and neglect Magento’s available features. Magento provides the B2B users with various functions to optimize eCommerce sites and support your selling activities. Magento can understand users and thus it establishes necessary features which can run smoothly and are compatible with the platform. Therefore, the users can utilize those features easily without any obstacles. Initially, the users should try all the Magento features to find the most suitable one for their businesses; before installing the extensions which can slow down your web speed.


Have you made any mistakes which are similar to what we have mentioned above? We believe that you can withdraw some valuable lessons and try to avoid some Magento B2B website mistakes to maintain smooth operation and customer satisfaction.


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