Is your BigCommerce store losing money at checkout?

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Checkout is an almost successful but sensitive stage. Every step in the checkout process needs to be conducted carefully. So that you can reduce shopping cart abandonment, enhance customers satisfaction and boost revenues. Therefore, our article today will tell you some tips to achieve successful orders at the checkout stage in your BigCommerce store.

Tips To Get Successful Orders At Checkout On Your BigCommerce Store

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Requirements

There are so many stores which require customers to have accounts on their stores for placing orders. If the customers do not have accounts, they can not finish their orders. While this approach can help the businesses to attain valuable customer data and keep in touch with them thereafter, it can delay customers’ ordering process and even prevent them from finishing their orders. It would be better if the customers can place orders without an account. After that, you can ask for necessary customer information to enrich your customer data; or suggest accounts creation for membership programs after they finish their orders.

Build Single-Page Checkout

Too long and complicated ordering processes can consume a lot of time and cause shopping cart abandonment. It’s necessary to spend two or three pages for the checkout process while all the tasks such as filling information, choosing payment methods, applying coupons, choosing shipping services can be done on only one page. Single-page checkout can reduce the complexity and save a lot of time.

Don’t Ask For Unrelated Information

In the filling information step, the sellers want to ask for a lot of information to utilize customer data. However, asking for unrelated information can make customers uncomfortable and abandon their shopping carts. The sellers only need to ask for essential information and put other information in the “Optional” area. The businesses can display some suggestions to encourage customers to provide more information to maintain customer relationships but remember that information is optional.

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Show Clear Return Policy And Payment Security

Another barrier that prevents customers from finishing their orders is the shipping fee. Therefore, the businesses should cut down on the shipping costs; or give the customers free shipping code when the order value reaches the minimum amount. Moreover, at the checkout page, the business should display a detailed return policy to alleviate the customers’ concern when they doubt their decisions. If the businesses can offer them hassle-free returns with a refund guarantee, they can cross out a lot of causes which are related to cart abandonment. Moreover, the stores need to let customers know that all the payment methods are safe and their money is protected. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Utilize Cross-sell

One of the most effective approaches that help the businesses earn more at the checkout stage is cross-selling. The business can recommend some related products which are in pair with or related to the in-cart ones to help customers to have more selections and better experience. Moreover, you can add cross-selling strategies into your cart abandonment emails to encourage customers to come back to your stores and continue their shopping journey with more product options.

product recommendation


With our recommendations, we hope that your BigCommerce store can minimize cart abandonment and get successful orders at checkout.


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