Smart B2B Behavioral Segmentation to Boost Your Businesses Sales

b2b behavioral segmentation

Looking to easily use B2B behavioral segmentation for your push campaigns? By understanding how customers behave, you can help sell to them more effectively. However, most push notification services don’t allow to create these powerful segments. You may think you need a developer to set up segments for push campaigns. Luckily, there’s a straightforward way to do B2B behavioral segmentation for your push subscribers without extra complexity. This article will show you how.

What is B2B Behavioral Segmentation?

B2B behavioral segmentation is a way for businesses to group their business customers based on how those customers act, not just who they are. B2B means “Business to Business” in marketing terms. So these tips apply when you’re selling to another business, not individual consumers.

With B2B behavioral segmentation, you look at:

  • Actions and Engagement: How much does the customer interact with your products/services? Do they buy a lot, visit your website often, or not so much?
  • Usage Patterns: How much do they actually use what you offer? Do they use all the features or just the basics? Some use it heavily, others lightly.
  • Purchase History: How do they shop from you? Are they loyal, repeat customers or was it just a one-time purchase?
  • Customer Lifecycle Stage: Where are they in their journey with your business? Are they brand-new or long-time customers?
  • Feedback and Reviews: What do they say about your business? Do they give great reviews or have some complaints?

In simple terms, B2B behavioral segmentation helps businesses better understand their customers through their actions. This allows businesses to give each customer a personalized experience that fits what they need and want.

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The Benefits of Segmenting B2B Clients Based on Their Behaviors

B2B behavioral segmentation is really important for businesses because it helps them make better decisions and connect with their customers in the right way. Here’s why it matters so much for your business.

  • Identifying Customer Needs: Observe how your business customers act and interact with your products or services. Notice if they gravitate more towards certain offerings over others and pinpoint specific problems or challenges they face that your business could potentially solve. This insight allows you to adapt and customize your products or services to better align with their actual needs and requirements. 
  • Tailored Customer Experiences: This is like dining at a restaurant where the chef already knows your personal food preferences. It enables you to craft personalized experiences for your customers by offering them products or services tailored to their specific needs and preferences at the ideal time. This level of customization can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and foster greater loyalty to your brand.
  • Targeted Marketing Approach: Rather than bombarding all customers with generic marketing messages, you can adopt a highly focused strategy. If you identify a segment of customers who consistently purchase a specific product type, you can send them tailored promotions related to those offerings. This targeted approach streamlines your efforts, optimizes marketing costs, and typically yields superior results compared to blanket campaigns.
  • Fostering Customer Loyalty: By gaining insights into your customers’ behavioral patterns, you can detect potential issues early on. If a previously loyal customer starts displaying signs of disengagement, you can proactively reach out and address their concerns or pain points. This proactive approach enables you to resolve problems promptly and retain more customers over the long term, ultimately improving overall customer retention rates.
  • Gaining a Competitive Advantage: Implementing B2B behavioral segmentation can provide your business with a significant competitive edge. By developing a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors and preferences compared to your rivals, you can craft a more personalized and appealing experience for them.
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How to Implement B2B Behavioral Segmentation

Collecting Behavioral Data

B2B behavioral segmentation allows you to automatically collect demographic data, which can be used to create localized campaigns tailored to events and occasions. You can also dynamically segment subscribers based on their behaviors for effective retargeting.

To quickly grow your push notification subscriber base, leverage your existing marketing channels to promote push campaign subscriptions. Implement a blog subscription widget, attention-grabbing pop-ups, or dedicated landing pages with prominent “Subscribe” buttons to streamline the opt-in process.

Creating Targeted Content

An effective strategy to enhance your conversion rates is to leverage retargeting push campaigns. However, instead of broadcasting the same notification to all subscribers, you can create targeted Audience Groups. For instance, if you want to reach subscribers who didn’t engage with a previous broadcast, you can create a new Audience Group specifically for that segment.

You can deliver highly relevant and personalized push notifications by segmenting your audience based on their behaviors and tailoring your content accordingly. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of capturing your subscribers’ attention and driving desired actions, ultimately leading to improved conversions and better return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Timing Your Push Campaigns

To effectively implement B2B behavioral segmentation, it’s crucial to time your push campaigns strategically based on subscriber behaviors. Leverage your platform’s scheduling capabilities to deliver notifications at optimal dates and times aligned with your audience’s preferences and patterns. 

Additionally, set up recurring push campaigns for cyclical events like weekly sales or promotions. This approach ensures your messages reach subscribers when they’re most receptive, enhancing engagement rates and driving desired actions.

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Applying Atom8 B2B Automation

Consider implementing B2B behavioral segmentation with Atom8 B2B by Grit Global. This BigCommerce automation solution, integrated with the BigCommerce Wholesale App, helps B2B companies segment their customers efficiently. Group companies based on customer characteristics or purchasing behaviors. 

For each segment, you can set customized discount thresholds for quote pricing. Additionally, define minimum order values or quantities that customers in each segment must meet when placing orders. Leverage these powerful segmentation capabilities to cater to your B2B customers’ unique needs.

To Conclude

Understanding your customers’ behaviors and preferences is key to boosting sales. Smart B2B behavioral segmentation allows you to provide personalized experiences, targeted marketing, and better customer retention. This gives your business an important competitive advantage.

To easily implement effective B2B behavioral segmentation strategies, consider using Atom8 B2B. Our BigCommerce Wholesale App integration makes it simple to segment customers, customize pricing, and manage order requirements for each group. Contact us today!


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