The Best B2B Process Automation App on BigCommerce in 2024

B2B process automation

Owners of eCommerce stores may easily create their stores and turn a profit more quickly thanks to B2B process automation platforms. Fortunately, BigCommerce integrates with a wide range of apps, so your options are virtually limitless, even though they are unable to provide every feature. It’s true that there are a ton of possibilities in BigCommerce’s app store, and it’s easy to become lost. 

The best BigCommerce apps for enhancing and expanding your eCommerce are available in the blog post that follows. We’ll discuss the best B2B process automation app on BigCommerce in 2024 to help you increase eCommerce sales and client conversions. With the help of our comprehensive guide to the best BigCommerce applications, you can successfully implement e-commerce by arming your plan with the right tools.

Atom8 – Best B2B process automation platform

One of the best B2B process automation tools on BigCommerce, Atom8, can easily interact with any 3PL system to enable cross-app automation with HTTP support. With the help of this application, you can improve your BigCommerce store by automating various operations, including conditional product merchandising, automated sales campaigns, and many more workflows.

By allowing clients to request quotations for particular products or variations, Atom8’s RFQ (request for quotation) feature helps merchants expedite the quotation process. Merchants can reply to these inquiries straight from the Atom8 dashboard by sending customized estimates that are suited to the needs of the client.

Email marketing and social media advertising are two of the marketing initiatives that companies may automate with Atom8 B2B. Businesses may design tailored campaigns that reach the appropriate people at the right moment by using configurable workflows and triggers.

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With the powerful inventory management features that Atom8 B2B provides, companies can monitor stock levels, control product listings, and predict demand. Businesses may divide up their clientele according to a number of factors, including involvement level, demographics, and past purchases, with Atom8 B2B.

Here are a few instances of what Atom8 workflows may accomplish:

  • Schedule the auto-publication and unpublishing of content (blog entries, banner ads, etc.).
  • Products and catalogs auto-hide and unhide at predetermined times
  • Product merchandising that automatically changes (prices, purchaseability, visibility, etc.)
  • Segment clients automatically (based on demographics, geography, and behaviors, etc.)
  • Auto-respond to consumers following a purchase, subscription, refund request, fulfillment, etc.
  • Automated client email marketing (refunds, coupons, orders, etc.)
  • Orders that automatically tag (using various criteria)
  • Automatically update team members on product availability and order progress
  • Create lists and reports automatically on a Google Sheet
  • Auto-identify and stop orders that pose a danger
  • Automate tasks according on customized HTTP requests


The main selling points of Omnisend are its robust email and SMS marketing automation features, along with its user-friendly signup form and email builders that are specifically tailored for e-commerce. Both of them have drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly interfaces to increase sales and signups. Even better, Omnisend’s free plan lets you access them all.

Regarding integrations, Omnisend works in unison with BigCommerce and all other significant e-commerce platforms.


A B2B process automation tool called Fomo shows you your clients’ latest activity automatically. This can show up immediately on pages or as notifications. The company compares itself to a crowded restaurant. You are more inclined to enter a crowded restaurant because you assume it must be nice. You can showcase a variety of interactions, including purchases, email sign-ups, social media following, and even recently published reviews.

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Yotpo uses user-generated content to boost conversions and establish credibility. Customer feedback can be turned into a useful commodity by using the platform it offers to gather and display customer reviews, photographs, and Q&As. 

Businesses may enhance the user experience and increase confidence among potential consumers by using B2B process automation Yotpo to display user-generated photographs on product pages, answer queries from potential buyers directly on the platform, and automatically seek more reviews.


With a focus on conversion rate optimization, Justuno provides a feature-rich platform for building personalized pop-ups, ads, and targeted messaging depending on user behavior. Through tailored engagement and offers, this software assists businesses in capturing leads, decreasing cart abandonment, and increasing conversions. You may create promotions and calls-to-action with Justuno that captivate your visitors and win them over as devoted clients.


You can make and post product listings for several channels at once with Sellbrite. Along with BigCommerce, of course, this also covers Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. Simply put, it eases life.

Additionally, every time you sell an item through any channel, the tool immediately changes your inventory. As a result, there is no chance for you to sell things that you are genuinely out of stock on.


Use Stamped to create point-based VIP, referral, and/or customer loyalty programs. For e-commerce businesses, these kinds of applications are invaluable. They increase your client’s lifetime value and facilitate the acquisition of new clients.

Stamped is wonderful since it lets you personalize pages and widgets, like your rewards page and program page. You can create complex, brand-consistent experiences using it.

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For many business owners and eCommerce site operators, QuickBooks Online is the go-to accounting program. However, hiring someone to do bookkeeping can be very expensive, and doing it yourself might take a lot of time and effort.

It is imperative that your management systems and QuickBooks be integrated. It will enable you to obtain insightful knowledge about things like the financial contribution of a specific product. You can forecast using this data, which leads to smarter business decisions in the end.


Merchants can easily handle orders and deliveries using ShipStation’s B2B process automation and simplification of the shipping process. This app offers real-time tracking updates, automated shipping label production, lower shipping costs, and integrations with major shipping carriers. ShipStation increases customer satisfaction with fast and accurate delivery updates while streamlining the shipping process to increase operational efficiency.

Wrap up

By carefully choosing which of these best B2B process automation BigCommerce applications to use together, you can boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and operate your store more effectively. When selecting apps, keep your e-commerce strategy, budget, and unique business requirements in mind to make sure the selections maximize their value. Contact us for more tutorials, resource lists, and marketing advice.


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