Top 5 time-saving Atom8 workflows BigCommerce merchants definitely should try

time saving workflows

Many of your manually driven processes, such as sorting and redirecting documents, prioritizing customer tickets, setting up storefront, etc. demand precious time and energy. That’s why there is an automation app like Atom8 – to assist BigCommerce business effectively. Among many useful features of this app, we would like to suggest some of the most time-saving workflows that you definitely should try.

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Segment customers into different spending levels

Customer segments are extremely important for any business. Because you may have different strategies applied to different types of customers. For example, you can show your appreciation to those with high spending levels by special offers. With this feature of Atom8, your customers will be automatically divided into different segments when reaching a certain expenditure. 

To start, you need to determine your highest level of customers and the amount of spending required. If the conditions are not met, this process will continue until your lowest level customer’s group.

If the conditions are satisfied, the system will assign your customers to a group and inform them about their new tier via Mailchimp. At the same time, your staff should also receive notification about the changes. 

When you finish with all groups, click “Next” to move to Workflow Settings on the next page. All workflows run by Atom8 require this Settings step. Here, you can change the status, name description and dates of activation. Save all the settings then your workflow is ready.

This type of workflow gives you flexible choices of segmentation. Not only can you segment customers by spending level, but it’s also possible to group them by purchase reference, age or gender, …

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Notify of the purchase of a specific customer group

The purpose of group segmentation is to easily give the right offers to each customer. For those who outstandingly contribute to your store, you may want to treat them with more special attention. Atom8 will inform your staff immediately whenever a customer in that group makes a purchase, with details such as email or phone number. So that your employee can have proper reactions without looking up the information in the system.

Besides, Atom8 can notify you of some other cases as well:

  • Notify your staff about un-fulfilled orders after several days
  • Notify of potential fraud orders (suspicious email domain or abnormally large order)

Schedule banner ads publication

Banner ads are an inevitable part of all eCommerce stores. With so many banners customized for each event, your staff may waste a lot of time publishing/unpublishing them manually. Sometimes, they may forget to change the banners if there are many events in a row. “Schedule banner ads publication” workflow is a wise choice for you in this case. All you need to do is selecting which banner to apply on and how long to display it before being unpublishing.

Categorize products based on product name

Well-organized product information will contribute to your effective management. It also helps the searching process easier for customers and enhances user’s experience. And it will be time-consuming if your staff have to sort each product into different categories themselves. With a simple process, Atom8 allows you to group all the products that have common characteristics based on their names. Especially, one product can appear in several categories. For instance, a pair of women sport shoes can belong to “women items”, “sport items” or “shoes” category. 

Remove out-of-stock products from storefront

It’s almost impossible to watch your sales 24/7, especially at night, and remove the stock-outs from your store immediately when it happens. Products are still visible while they cannot be ordered anymore, which leads to dissatisfaction of customers. This is one of the time-saving workflows of Atom8 designed to solve the problem above. Whenever the inventory level falls to the predetermined number, that product will be invisible on the storefront.

Another solution for the sock-out problem is using BackOrder (available on the BigCommerce’s marketplace). This app will automatically switch the buying button into “BackOrder” when the inventory level reaches 0. So that your customers can continue to purchase the product, giving you a stable revenue stream.

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Above are our top 5 most time-saving workflows of Atom8 on BigCommerce platform that no eCommerce business can ignore. Give it a try right now!


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