Top apps for BigCommerce multi channel inventory management

bigcommerce multi channel inventory

If you’re like most eCommerce businesses, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales and streamline operations. Multi-channel inventory management can help you do both by allowing you to manage your stock across multiple sales channels. 

Many apps can help you with multi-channel inventory management, so it can be tough to decide which is right. Here are some of the top apps for BigCommerce multi-channel inventory management.

Why do we need BigCommerce multi-channel inventory apps?

If you only sell a few things, you may find that handling your inventory on your own is workable. However, if your company expands or you want to introduce new products, everything becomes too much work.

Top apps for BigCommerce multi channel inventory management

One of the most recent factors affecting inventory costs is multi-channel commerce. No matter where they are, consumers want more simple options to make purchases. Therefore, it is required for brands to sell through a range of channels.

When managing inventory manually, you lose a lot of time looking for records and fixing data issues. During this time, things can fall through the gaps. BigCommerce inventory apps can help you save a lot of time and money by tracking and updating inventory details.

Top apps for BigCommerce multi-channel inventory management


BackOrder allows customers to continue buying understocked items and prevent shops from running out of stock. Before customers depart for other stores, this system helps retailers keep them.

In order to improve conversions, BackOrder also gives you the option to customize messages and notifications. This BigCommerce multi-channel inventory software can also give you real-time analytics and reports on the status of your inventory.

Top apps for BigCommerce multi channel inventory management


Skubana is a distributed order management system that drives business analytics, inventory, and fulfillment for brands aiming for multi-channel success. 

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Retailers can rely on Skubana to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by synchronizing data across sales channels, warehouses, 3PLs, POS systems, and other sources.

Pulse Commerce

A quick-to-deploy Connector with installation support is offered to integrate the power of the BigCommerce Order and Inventory Platform with the style and versatility of the Pulse Commerce Order and Inventory Platform. 

With a real-time view of orders, inventory, customers, items, promotions, and fulfillment across all channels, the Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform acts as the brain of your omnichannel business.

Top apps for BigCommerce multi channel inventory management


Your online sales can be in your hands with the Linnworks Total Commerce platform. With this, businesses can manage their inventory, orders, and fulfillment from a single dashboard thanks to the cloud-based platform’s ability to integrate and optimize all multichannel selling activities. 

That is to say, deep insights across sales channels and processes can help businesses increase profitability and growth.


Developed for growing businesses, Ecomdash is a web-based multi-channel inventory control, sales order, buying, listing, drop shipping, and shipment BigCommerce multi-channel inventory system. 

This simple software solution syncs data and information to and from suppliers, sales channels, POS systems, providers, fulfillment centers, and warehouses.

Top apps for BigCommerce multi channel inventory management

To conclude,

Multi-channel inventory management can be a challenge, but it’s important to make sure that your products are available where your customers are looking. Moreover, with the right apps in place, you can streamline the process and keep your inventory up-to-date across all your sales channels. 

Have you tried BackOrder? It’s one of our favorite BigCommerce apps for multi-channel inventory management. Let us know how it works for you, thanks for reading!

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