Try this BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternative for free!


Shopify Flow is a Shopify-specific application that enables users of the Shopify Plus enterprise package to create automation workflows. You’ll find this pretty cool until you know it is limited to Shopify Plus, which costs $2,000 monthly and doesn’t deliver everything you need to automate your store. So now is the time to look for the best BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternatives.


Try this BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternative for free!

This platform can automate your BigCommerce product workflow and let you know every time an order is made in real-time. Plus, it can create product and order information and put it directly into a Google spreadsheet. Atom8 can add a note to your shipments if a package contains gift wraps, gifts, fragile products, and more. It can help you quickly understand your inventory when scheduling automation to group low-stock products in a spreadsheet.


Try this BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternative for free!

This automation app, which is perfect for developers, includes built-in functionality like custom API and SDK to let you code your own Shopify workflows. Your Mesa FTP connector can be integrated with some services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, so you can share files with your team members like the wind.

Mesa also frequently adds enterprise-level integrations to its library, including Hubspot and Omnisend. Managing inventory and optimizing shop images with Mesa is also a good idea. 


Try this BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternative for free!

Everything you normally put into a spreadsheet can be automated with Parabola with integration flows, recipes, and a drag-and-drop interface. This platform works in your browser, meaning you can log in anywhere and use it anytime.

You can use Parabola for your automation, including updating websites, transactional workflows, Slack with dynamic information, and more. It only pulls your data when asked, so your information and customer data are private to you and your workflow. Parabola can also be used to update your Shopify store based on what you have in your warehouse.

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PandaFlow lets you automate your business tasks by connecting all your business apps, like Xero or Quickbooks. You can create your workflows with its drag-and-drop editor. Using conditional logic and workflows, PandaFlow can be used to create complex automation workflows.

PandaFlow also has a developer team, which can create workflows for you, and unique AI modules, which help you analyze the sentiments of comments. It can also personalize your interactions and replies with customers.


Try this BigCommerce Shopify Flow alternative for free!

HappyFox gives your customer service team an edge. It allows you to see all the details about the order history of your customer in just one click as soon as they reach out. In fact, faster customer service leads to happier customers.

You or your customer service agents can check out Shopify customer information on your help desk anytime. If you own many Shopify stores, it is possible to plug them all into one HappyFox account.

The Bottom Line

Above are the top 5 BigCommerce Shopify flow alternatives that can save you energy, time, and money. On top of that,  you can use these automation tools with any Shopify plan. Hopefully, they will be useful to you.


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