Is a visual workflow automation app necessary for your eCommerce store?

visual workflow automation app

Adapting a visual workflow automation app plays a vital role in business operation and development. Various eCommerce stores have achieved desirable successes thanks to automation. However, if you still hesitate to empower your shop by installing a workflow automation app, you can find out clear answers after this article. Today we will figure out the necessities of this kind of app and help you decide whether you should utilize it.

Why Your eCommerce Store Need A Visual Workflow Automation App

Benefits Of A Visual Workflow Automation App

Boost Accuracy

All the business runners want to minimize the risks of human errors in the processes; that is one of the main reasons why they choose visual workflow automation apps. For instance, in inventory management, the warehouse staff will need to stay at the storage to control,  manage the stocks, and pay special attention to any changes in the stock status. Sometimes, due to the heavy workload or in peak seasons, the stocks become difficult to control and cause mistakes in inventory management that can lead to underselling and overselling. However, with the visual workflow automation app, the warehouse staff or managers only need to observe the updated stock status to adjust selling activities immediately and avoid loss due to poor inventory management.

Help Staff Stay Productive

The second biggest merit that a visual workflow automation app can bring to your business is boosting productivity. The business processes are complicated due to the combination of various tasks, the workflow automation app can help you to visualize and streamline the procedure according to pre-built or customized workflow. Also, it helps you to operate and run the various tasks concurrently and you only need to stay focused and manage the process. 

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Save Your Resources

Businesses may need to pay a large amount of money for human resources; but with the visual workflow automation app, you can cut down on this kind of cost. Some repetitive and busy business tasks can be executed automatically without human intervention; so you don’t need to hire too many employees to finish the tasks. Moreover, multiple tasks can be done at the same time; so you can save on the amount of electricity and human effort.

Visual Workflow Automation App You May Need


If you have an idea to execute business tasks via visual workflow automation, you should not ignore Atom8. Considered as a powerful app for eCommerce merchants, Atom8 covers all the eCommerce tasks and business tasks; including product management, web content management and customer management. Atom8 provides a huge source of workflow templates that you can apply completely to your business operation; or customize to stick to your particular business needs. This app is also an awesome tool to connect the staff together and keep in touch with the managers; as it can send real-time notifications and export real-time business performance reports whenever needed.

CTA atom8 1


Klaviyo is a visual workflow automation app that can support you in marketing tasks; such as sending email marketing to strengthen customer relationships and remind cart abandonment. This app also helps you to group customers into suitable customers for effective further communication; which can enhance sales and personalization. 


With the information we have given to you, we hope you can make final decisions on whether to adopt visual workflow automation applications to empower your eCommerce stores with powerful tools.

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