What are eCommerce store automators?


As an eCommerce business, having new shoppers and boosting revenue comes first for your business. But as it starts scaling over time, business processes and systems get more complex quickly, and you will get overwhelmed with countless repetitive tasks. As a result, you may end up focusing on such tasks instead of growing your business. That’s why you need an eCommerce store automator.

This is a fundamental and futuristic tool that all business leaders should leverage. It allows them to focus more on bringing in more customers while keeping everything on track.

What is the eCommerce Store Automator?

What are eCommerce store automators?

Automation is the technology that saves labor by ensuring the procedure or process is performed with minimal human intervention. So an eCommerce store Automator is the software that helps your store convert all or most repetitive tasks into automated ones. So those tasks will be completed automatically instead of manually.

eCommerce automation, such as Atom8, Alloy, Zapier, and BCTools, can save you time, but this doesn’t mean your employees or you are out of work. Instead, it will free up your team’s time for more critical tasks like creativity, big-picture thinking, and customer interactions.

Here are some examples of an eCommerce Automator’s features:

  • Inventory management: Unpublish products automatically when a product is out of stock and re-publish it when it is back in stock.
  • Customer segmentation: Automatically group/ tag customers based on some attributes, like ordered products, geographics, total lifetime spending, demographics, etc.
  • Internal communication: Automatically notify stakeholders and team members via email whenever a VIP customer has created an account or a product is out of stock.
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Benefits of Using Store Automator With Your eCommerce Store 

What are eCommerce store automators?

Here are some ways your online store could benefit from an eCommerce store automator:

Save Time

Time is the most valuable resource of any eCommerce store owner, and  automation is the key to getting more time-consuming tasks done in less time, simply by putting them on auto-pilot, such as: 

  • Automatically publish/unpublish web content (banner, page, blog, etc.)
  • Automatically hide/unhide products and catalogs.
  • Automatically change product merchandising (purchasability, price, visibility, etc.).
  • Automatically segment & engage with shoppers.
  • Automatically notify team members.

Grow Business Faster

You can automate all parts of your business, from sales and marketing to customer service and fulfillment. The Automator can help you manage those functions effectively by organizing tasks, streamlining processes, categorizing stored data, and more. In addition, spend less time on repetitive tasks, resulting in more time on important ones that help grow your business.

Boost Marketing Effectiveness and Sales

Marketing and sales teams benefit the most from automation, such as

  • Deliver personalized experience with real-time segmentation and engagement.
  • Timely response with instant automated messages/email sequences following customer activities.
  • Enable dynamic and proactive marketing campaigns with the scheduled marketing campaign on time-trigger.


According to recent statistics, automation allows eCommerce businesses to generate about a 50% increase in revenue. So we believe eCommerce retailers of all sizes should adopt automation as soon as possible for a straightforward reason: the more your online business automates, the more it can thrive. For effective and accessible eCommerce automation, use Atom8BigCommerce Automation software.

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