Assign Customer to the BackOrdered Group


Whoever places a back order and is willing to wait for your fulfillment is likely to become your loyal customer. Don’t forget to pay special attention to them. Assign them to a group so that you don’t mistake them for another type of customer. Also, export their information in a spreadsheet that you look into every day so that you don’t miss out on any update or forget to treat them with the wanted item.

workflow template to assign customer to the backordered group and export data in a spreadsheet

Shapes used this journey

Backorder created

A trigger you can choose with BackOrder app‘s integration with Atom8. Then, you can use this to automate the whole backorder process.

Order status is awaiting fulfillment

This condition will filter all backorders with chosen status. However, you can also use it to select based on any information field of an order.

Add a row to your spreadsheets

Step in automation workflow: add a row to your spreadsheet after a workflow is triggered. Specifically, which data to export can be chosen from the platform’s available field list.

Assign customer to a group

You can choose to automatically assign customers to a pre-created group. Furthermore, a condition to filter out people who are already in this group will be more efficient.