Segment Customers Based on Total Amount Created

You’re 3 times more likely to convert existing customers if you have proper loyalty programs. So, how do you create one? In this workflow, when a customer has just placed an order, and the total spending has exceeded a specified number, Atom8 immediately puts them into the loyalty group and engages with them via email […]

Segment & Engage with Newly Created Customers

When your business offers products to many types of customers, you’ll want to classify them as newly created shoppers immediately after signing up on your store; furthermore, sending customized emails to each group via MailChimp as a first engagement. Later, you wish to migrate these customers to the regular customer segment to align corresponding marketing […]

Apply membership prices to specific customer groups

Imagine you want to increase sales of a specific product by applying for this promotion. If any customer purchases this product, he will be a membership customer. A special price list for other products in the same category will be made visible when he navigates the store on some special sale occasions.

Assign Customer to the BackOrdered Group

Whoever places a back order and is willing to wait for your fulfillment will likely become your loyal customer. Don’t forget to pay special attention to them. Assign them to a group, so you don’t mistake them for another type of customer. Also, export their information in a spreadsheet you look into daily so you […]

Best Customer Segmentation Examples to Increase Sales

These days, 77% of ROI comes from targeted and triggered campaigns. This number is the result of many effective customer segmentation examples, which have paved the way for these successful campaigns. Each way of classifying your audience goes hand in hand with a specific goal and demand.  Generally speaking, marketers often rely on 4 main […]

5 Common Customer Segmentation Mistakes

5 customer segmentation common mistakes

Customer segmentation is the process of creating sub-groups of your shoppers based on their shared characteristics. Given that 77% of ROI comes from targeted and triggered campaigns, customer segmentation has always been one of the core digital marketing tactics. Segmenting your customer base enhances your understanding of customers’ behaviors and thus personalizes promotional campaigns for […]

9 Best Automation Apps For Shopify Stores

As an entrepreneur, you are too busy with getting the task done on time. And there’s only that many hours a day. Thus, the only thing you can do to boost efficiency is to make every hour more productive. This is why having the best automation apps are one of the most important determinants of […]

9 Effective Upsell and Cross-sell Tips

9 tips to Upsell and Cross sell effectively

As a matter of fact, the core purpose of any enterprise is to increase revenue, no matter what the industry. Since then, the terms Upsell and Cross-sell came into being to help businesses achieve that goal without spending time looking for new customers. Thanks to Upselling and Cross-selling, many businesses, especially in the e-commerce industry, […]

An Ultimate Guide to Customer Value

A Complete Guide to Customer Value

Building a successful eCommerce business isn’t just about having great products with a competitive price, it’s also about creating value for your customers throughout the shopping journey. Customer value provides an organization’s foundation for growth, as it affects nearly every metric that matters to an online store. Ultimately, it helps businesses boost revenue via increased conversion rate, customer retention and loyalty, etc.

Automated Customer Management Best Practices

A woman happy to use automated customer management

Approaching customers with a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is far from a best practice because customers differ from one another in their needs, wants, and buying behaviors. Therefore, personalization becomes an essential component in creating & developing customer satisfaction in their shopping experience. To achieve this, it is important to engage and retain the right customer […]

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