Follow up with leads after an order is placed

Stay top-of-mind with new customers after a purchase: Loop them into an email sequel for future engagement & potential upselling


Send personalized emails (or any other follow-up emails) to your customers as soon as a transaction occurs via email marketing tools (MailChimp/SendGrid/Klaviyo). By humanizing the relationship between your business and your clients, you will gain customer engagement that results in great brand loyalty.

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Order Placed

When an order is created successfully on your site, workflows with this trigger will start running. Atom8 can help you to automate processes like sending email to staff or bulk edits. It is also possible to manage customers who made the order.

Any of order products match the following:

Product name includes iPhone. Furthermore, you can use similar conditions to segment customers and personalize communication. This will also assist your automated cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Send email to customer via MailChimp

In order to perform this action, you need to finish integration with your Mailchimp account first. Atom8 will provide the options to choose from your list of templates, fill in subjects, sender email, and name.

Tag customer on MailChimp

This action requires you to complete integration with Mailchimp. Then, Atom8 will allow you to add a tag to your customer. Utilize different conditions to optimize your workflow.

Assign customer to a group

You can set conditions and triggers to assign customers to a certain group right after registration. Then, you can add a delay step and check after a while if the customer is now qualified for other groups.