Segment customers based on total amount created

This workflow helps you group customers into multiple levels of spending, i.e. high, medium, low, etc. for loyalty programs & future promotions.


You’re 3 times more likely to convert existing customers if you have proper loyalty programs. So, how do you create one? In this workflow when a customer has just placed an order and the total spending has exceeded a specified number, Atom8 immediately puts them to the loyalty group and engage with them via email sequels.


Shapes used this journey

Order Placed

When an order is created successfully on your site, workflows with this trigger will start running. Atom8 can help you to automate processes like sending email to staff or bulk edits. It is also possible to manage customers who made the order.

Any of order products match the following:

Total amount ex tax is: – greater than $1000 – greater than $500 and less or equal to $1000 – greater than $200 and less or equal to $500

Assign customer to a group

Automatically assign new customers to a pre-created group. You can create and manage these groups in Customers/Customer groups.

Send email to customer via MailChimp

In order to perform this action, you need to finish integration with your Mailchimp account first. Atom8 will provide the options to choose from your list of templates, fill in subjects, sender email, and name.