Segment customers on email marketing platforms

Automatically add/ remove customers on integrated email marketing platforms


When a customer has just registered on your store, you’ll want to add this customer to email marketing platforms, to a specific list or segment so that corresponding campaigns will be promoted to this new customer. After a period of time, you’ll want to migrate this customer to another segment for other campaigns. Atom8 automated workflow will help you minimize efforts to do these tasks in less then 5 mins.

Shapes used this journey

Customer created

A trigger must be chosen in the beginning. In this case, an automation workflow will start running right after any customer registration.

Created date starts from [Date]

One or multiple conditions to filter customer/order/product by time created. This condition will follow the trigger chosen in your first step.

Add customer to Klaviyo list

One of the many actions you can choose with customer-related triggers. To do this you should integrate your Klaviyo account with Atom8 first.

Tag customer on MailChimp

An action you can automate for customer-related triggers. Make sure to integrate your MailChimp account with Atom8 first.

Add customer to SendGrid list

This action on Atom8 is available for customer-related triggers. You will need to integrate the app with SendGrid and create a list beforehand.