Set up your Backorder app

  1. Installation
    2. Configuration
    2.1. Initial Set-up
    2.1.1. Sync Product Data
    2.1.2. Inventory Update
    2.1.3. Theme Settings

2.2. Generate sales with BackOrder
2.2.1. Make your products back orderable
3 ways to assign products:
– Assign one-by-one
– Assign in bulk: up to 100 products
– Assign in mass by importing files (maximum 2MB)

2.2.2. Manage your backorder items
– Select BO storefronts
– Current stock
– Avoid over-selling with BO threshold
– Incoming stock

2.3. Support your customers: (Keep your customers well-informed with Backorder messages)
– On product listing page: Stock label (only available for Enterprise subscriptions)
– On product detail page:
+ Inventory description 
+ Back-in-stock date
+ Shipping Description (on the SKU level and on the global level)
+ Add to cart button
– While processing the purchase:
+ Mixed cart alert
+ Buying over threshold alert
– On cart page:
+ Cart page message
– On order note:
+ Order note message

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