Hobby Store Group: Performance Push with Automation

About Hobby Store Group

Hobby Store Group is one of the European leading transporting toys and gift retailers. The company prides itself on stocking and delivering some of the famous model railway and aviation brands in more than 100 countries. Both of their stores – Aircraft Model Store and Railway Model Store – are implementing Atom8 Automation in daily operations. 

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A push in business performance

Being a large transportation model retailer, Hobby Store Group has to deal with thousands of orders per day. The listing and fulfillment process took up a lot of time and human resources. The company’s staff had to repeat the same tasks over and over again, from labeling products to adding order notes and informing the delivery partner. Manual operation is clearly not an appropriate choice for the business.

If they want to make a leap in business development, automation is required for as many repetitive tasks as possible. 

Automation in inventory management

One issue within inventory management is to highlight new products on the storefront so that visitors know about your offer as soon as they arrive at the website. Initially, staff had to go through every product page and add them to a category. However, for a store with hundreds of products like AMS or RMS, manual adding and removing is extremely daunting. 

Therefore, the solution is to set up a workflow to put a product in a given category when the inventory level is updated in the store backend. With this, their staff only need to fill in the stock level without worrying about the later steps. 

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TRIGGER: When the product information is updated

CONDITION: If the inventory level is greater than 0 

ACTION: Add the product to a category: New arrivals

DELAY: After 30 days

ACTION: Remove the product from a category: New arrivals

Automation in inventory management

Automation in order management

HSG was able to decrease the inbound number of tickets from customers by automating their email chains. Customers are informed immediately of their order status and any potential delay.

On the other hand, Atom8 can also notify their internal team of special orders, important tasks without having to check every day and get their hands off various manual tasks, for example:

  • Segment customer by purchase history
  • Email promotion to customers when they met the condition
  • Auto-merchandising according to inventory level

Wrapping up

Overall, Atom8 was “a very good software that allows us to create automation for repetitive tasks. The software is very easy to use and gets quite a lot done”. Hence, HSG was able to get started quickly even when they had no prior experience with any automation app, especially with complimentary customer support to make sure all confusions and issues are cleared asap.

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