German Foods: Personalized Care with Atom8​

​​​​​​Atom8 is a game-changing tool for small-to-medium-size BigCommerce stores like German Foods. Atom8 enables automated customer care emails, providing exceptional service and enhancing brand trust

Lexair: Communicate Excellence with Atom8​

​​​​​​Lexair is a global communications tech firm that serves government agencies and B2B customers. Lexair uses Atom8 to streamline its customer segmentation process!

Chilly Dogs: Boosting Holiday revenue with BackOrder

Chilly Dogs is a Canada-based independent business creating high-quality dog accessories and perfect-fitting coats. What started as one dog owner’s passion for making perfect-fitting dog coats is now a global brand across 15 countries. After 23 years of operations, Chilly Dogs has perfected their robes, raincoats, and sweaters for every dog breed. If their 30+ […]

Bedford: The Journey To Customer Satisfaction

About Bedford: Bedford is an American photography company enriching people’s lives with a wide range of products in precision, optics, and even classes. Since 1974, Bedford has provided a great selection of high-quality products at the best deal, with a team of photography professionals providing excellent customer service. Bedford Camera & Video values its customers […]

Hobby Store Group: Performance Push with Automation

About Hobby Store Group Hobby Store Group is one of the European leading transporting toys and gift retailers. The company prides itself on stocking and delivering some of the famous model railway and aviation brands in more than 100 countries. Both of their stores – Aircraft Model Store and Railway Model Store – are implementing […]

Defense Mechanisms: Rescue Sales With BackOrder

About Defense Mechanisms  Defense Mechanisms is an American-based tactical gear and apparel manufacturer. The company prides itself on creating next-generation tactical gear that serves multiple practical uses. It is highly reliable for constant product updates, spot-on quality, and reasonable prices.  The quest for a back-order solution Over the last century, the demand for tactical gear […]

Franklin Energy: Automation for Discount Programs

About Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy is an industry expert in designing and implementing grid optimization programs for utilities, state, and municipality clients in the United States and Canada.  Over 20 years of establishment, the firm has expanded beyond the commercial and industrial sector to be a full-ride provider of energy efficiency and demand response solutions. […]

SunglassLA: Summer sales campaigns with Atom8

What Sunglass LA needed for their biggest sales campaign yet was an automation tool that helped reorganise the store’s data and automate repetitive tasks. And they found exactly what they needed

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