Chilly Dogs is a Canada-based independent business creating high-quality dog accessories and perfect-fitting coats.

What started as one dog owner’s passion for making perfect-fitting dog coats is now a global brand across 15 countries. After 23 years of operations, Chilly Dogs has perfected their robes, raincoats, and sweaters for every dog breed. If their 30+ sizing options for dog coats can’t satisfy your best friend’s needs, Chilly Dogs’ mission to bring warmth and happiness to all dogs also includes free sizing consultations for owners.

Chilly Dogs Backorder

Chilly Dogs – losing sales momentum

It’s no surprise that dog owners in Canada would flock to Chilly Dogs to get their companion a nice treat. But all good things must come to an end, and Chilly Dogs’ inventory and stock are no exception.

Like many BigCommerce stores, Chilly Dogs constantly saw hundreds of out-of-stock alerts for their most popular dog coat variants caused by low supply and high demand. Despite implementing Quickbook and BigCommerce internal inventory management, there would be no direct solution for their out-of-stock situation.

Chilly Dogs team members struggled to enable backorder options for their eager customers, especially for their Winter collection sales. Luckily, they found their solution with BackOrder.

Finding the perfect fit in BackOrder

When Chilly Dogs reached out to BackOrder, they were looking for 3 critical solutions for their sales troubles:

  1. A way to enable backorder on BigCommerce, which is not readily available 
  2. Let customers know exactly when they can expect back-ordered items to arrive
  3. Make inventory reports easier for the warehouse, eCommerce, and sales team
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It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks; Chilly Dogs now use BackOrder to solve all 3 problems in one accessible BigCommerce application!

BackOrder is the only application that empowers stores to backorder items on BigCommerce. With BackOrder, Chilly Dogs exponentially increases sales by enabling backorder options for all their products. Their customer support team was “paw-sitively” ecstatic from not having to answer questions on out-of-stock items during busy sales weeks. BackOrder allows the team to put custom alerts and banners for back-ordered items. Buyers can know what they are ordering and receive their shipping expectations.

Chilly Dogs smartly utilized BackOrder’s stock level description and back-in-stock date alerts to inform customers about hotly contested products. Combined with BackOrder’s add-to-cart alerts, Chilly Dogs quickly provide buyers with a quick and easy way to continue purchasing items with peace of mind.

Enhancing workflows with Atom8 integration

Like a dog with a bone, Chilly Dog couldn’t stop optimizing its BigCommerce business with just BackOrder. They wanted to speed up internal processes between the warehouse, eCommerce, and sales team with automated reports and spreadsheet integration. This is where BackOrder’s weekly reports and Google Sheets integration comes in handy.

Grit Global also recommended Atom8 to receive real-time updates on stock and order changes. The Chilly Dogs warehouse team can now spend less time on spreadsheets and more time preparing amazing doggy coats.

The Atom8 workflow triggers whenever an out-of-stock product is sold. A row is added to the order spreadsheet, with accurate mapping for data variables. For the busy team at Chilly Dogs, this one simple integration dramatically helps save time and effort.

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Chilly Dogs Backorder

BackOrder – Rooting for the underdog

BackOrder and Atom8 both empower Chilly Dogs to reach howling success. As BigCommerce’s only application for backorder and the best frictionless automation, we are proud to have supported Chilly Dogs on their journey to bring comfort to man’s best friend. To learn more about how your BigCommerce store can achieve what our partners can, please contact us for a free consultation session!

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