Guide to master business process management workflow automation for BigCommerce merchants

business process management workflow automation

Workflow automation had supported businesses during their selling activities and conducting B2B transactions. Besides, BigCommerce merchants can take advantage of workflow automation to enhance their business process management. However, some business runners still don’t know how to utilize automation to monitor businesses. Our article today will give you ultimate guides to manage BigCommerce business with automated workflow.

Innovative Ideas For Business Process Management Workflow Automation

Modelling Business Process

business process management workflow automation

The first thing that you can do with workflow automation is modeling your business or make it simple to plan, arrange and execute. In fact, you will find it difficult to imagine how the task can be done, how long it will be done, and how much it will cost. You can take advantage of workflow automation to create a process map and have an overview of each step. Then, it is easier to allocate budget and human resources to finish the project. Moreover, the managers can estimate the project duration to plan for the next strategies for campaigns in the future.

Automating Business Tasks

It is undeniable that the main role of workflow automation is automating business tasks. Here, you can take advantage of some applications to finish those tasks without human intervention. For example, Atom8 can bring various pre-built workflows that you can choose from; or customize a little bit to make them suitable for your procedure. Moreover, this app can integrate with a lot of third-party software to help you stay productive; and finish tasks rather than jumping among various tabs for each step. Atom8 is a user-friendly app that allows the beginners to utilize effortlessly at an affordable price.

CTA atom8 1

Managing The Whole Pictures Of Business Procedure

The next thing that workflow automation can do for your business is helping the managers manage and monitor their processes. The managers can stand up high and observe how the tasks are operated. Then, they can understand the processes deeply, what resources are the most needed and what step is the most important. As a result, the managers can identify the most critical elements for successful tasks; and invest more in those stages and cut down on unnecessary steps. 

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Optimizing Business Process Performance

Once the business runners can observe the whole picture of business task procedures, they can detect some limitations and weaknesses which cause loss or worsen productivity. Then, the department can find the solution for problems in each step; and fix them to optimize the business process performance. Moreover, they can compare between two workflows to identify which one is better for your performance. In fact, you can find some applications that can generate the performance reports; such as selling reports to help the business runners evaluate the operation and try to optimize it.


Have you utilized workflow automation for your business management success? With our guide, you can try to apply workflow automation to your B2B BigCommerce business automation to maximize productivity and reduce mistakes.


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