About Bedford:

Bedford is an American photography company enriching people’s lives with a wide range of products in precision, optics, and even classes. Since 1974, Bedford has provided a great selection of high-quality products at the best deal, with a team of photography professionals providing excellent customer service.

Bedford Camera & Video values its customers in many ways: “In specialty stores today you’ve got to create a service, a package, but you have to be competitive on price as well… not beat prices, but be competitive” – Stan Bedford (Founder of Bedford). “We’ll compete with the big-box stores, but we’ll do it smartly—by being productive,” he adds. 

The problem of running out of stock

It’s not uncommon for a company to run out of stock on their most popular items, which results in customer journeys ending up somewhere else. 

During BFCM seasons, quality products can take a long time to arrive in the inventory and even longer deliver to customers. Meanwhile, the Bedford website has received a significant increase in traffic in the sales period and a decrease in conversion rate.

The marketing campaigns become a waste if the customers do not finish their journeys at the check-out cart. Therefore, Bedford has looked at how they can smooth out the experience without accelerating the product delivery procedures, as it is pretty impossible at the time. The solution should assist us with product manufacturing and shipping numbers which we can estimate correctly each time we place product orders. 

Then, BackOrder came through

While BigCommerce does not have such a native feature, Bedford chooses BackOrder because it appears conveniently as BigCommerce apps integrating perfectly with every E-commerce store. 

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The app notifies customers about the out-of-stock products but still allows them to purchase and deliver them on a particular day. 

Being a solid solution to the problem, the team had signed up for enterprise plans and retained valuable customers. As a result, the revenue has increased by 16.4% since Bedford integrated BackOrder into the system. 

What made Bedford stay with us was not only because of the innovative solution but also because BackOrder has effortless 1-click installation and easy-to-use features. 

From being a customer to becoming a partner

Being productive is the key to producing the most accessible and efficient customer journey and experience. 

“My honest desire is to treat them as I’d want to be treated if I were in their shoes,”- said the Founder. Bedford cares more about its customers and workers, so the team often looks for improvements in their daily tasks. 

During the busy seasons, the staff is frustrated with all the manual tasks. They have to spend their time with many things such as customer service, replenishment, campaign planning, etc. Bedford could make use of automation tools to automate these tasks. Thus, Atom8 is another solution we offered to help the team stay on track priority. They can focus on their profession and take advantage of their best daily time. 

Being productive is putting customers and workers first.

“Stan Bedford wouldn’t open the stores on Sundays, explaining that it’s a day for the family.” BackOrder and Atom8 create a seamless customer experience and reduce a large workload, contributing significantly to Bedford’s productive philosophy. Bedford has received glowing customer feedback nearly daily through various digital channels. 

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