MDT – When BackOrder became the perfect solution for inventory forecast.

Anyone browsing for precision rifles on will have to see their many options, such as colors and type of purposes.  Historical data shows that there are many options to choose from, so it is difficult to predict the right inventory flow for each type of rifle. Customers have different needs on different occasions. Therefore, […]

Dollylocks – The Simple Step to Capture More Sales

About Dollylocks Dollylocks was founded by passionate dreadlock artistry and education specialist. Recognizing the need for a specially designed dreadlock maintenance product line, she launched Dollylocks in 2011. After more than 10 years of operation, it has become extremely popular globally as a vegan, residue-free brand for all hair types and textures. The Challenges Covid-19 […]

Bedford: The Journey To Customer Satisfaction

About Bedford: Bedford is an American photography company enriching people’s lives with a wide range of products in precision, optics, and even classes. Since 1974, Bedford has provided a great selection of high-quality products at the best deal, with a team of photography professionals providing excellent customer service. Bedford Camera & Video values its customers […]

Defense Mechanisms: Rescue Sales With BackOrder

About Defense Mechanisms  Defense Mechanisms is an American-based tactical gear and apparel manufacturer. The company prides itself on creating next-generation tactical gear that serves multiple practical uses. It is highly reliable for constant product updates, spot-on quality, and reasonable prices.  The quest for a back-order solution Over the last century, the demand for tactical gear […]

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