MDT – When BackOrder became the perfect solution for inventory forecast.

Anyone browsing for precision rifles on will have to see their many options, such as colors and type of purposes.  Historical data shows that there are many options to choose from, so it is difficult to predict the right inventory flow for each type of rifle. Customers have different needs on different occasions. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to expect the right amount of in-stocks.  The final goal of MDT is to continue creating better value and accuracy for precision rifles. MDT usually takes quite an effort and time to complete the best product possible.  Imagine customers spending hours to finally decide their choices just to end up with a product that is out of stock just because they need more time to be delivered or customized.  Problems over problems Besides, when COVID-19 hits, shipment delays and customers staying at home are always on the move to shop for more. This could hit the spot for MDT as they would struggle to make many products available on-site. One of the features that could save MDT from the crisis is a backorder. A backorder is an order of products or services that cannot be filled at the current time due to a lack of available supply. The items may not be in the inventory but are still in the manufacturing process.  The only one in the marketplaces MDT found the BackOrder app being the only solution on the BigCommerce marketplace. Currently, MDT has sold over 4500 backorders on a single site. Derrick Guay, MDT’s owner, has trusted BackOrders with his other 7 stores, which also brought many orders.   Since BackOrders, MDT discovered how simple the problem is, and with just the right application, it can increase sales compared to previous years. MDT appreciates the easy setup of a backorder feature for all out-of-stock products within just a few clicks.  Expert customer service In January 2022, MDT started to use the new ERP- DEAR system colliding with the BackOrder app. As soon as MDT reported this, BackOrders quickly resolved the issue and created API document to streamline the workflow between the ERP system and the BackOrders application.  MDT became the first eCommerce merchant to benefit from API document which enables the products to update directly on the ERP system without the need to be verified through BigCommerce data management flow.   BackOrder’s influence on repeated customers MDT and many other businesses have been on the same journey and achieving great results. In short, the annual BackOrders plan costs just a small fraction of their profits. The expense is just minuscule compared to the fruits the backorder features can bring to their stores and customers.  It all stems from the convenience of ordering immediately; therefore, customers keep coming back and buying more without being afraid of out-of-stock items. 

Dollylocks – The Simple Step to Capture More Sales

About Dollylocks Dollylocks was founded by passionate dreadlock artistry and education specialist. Recognizing the need for a specially designed dreadlock maintenance product line, she launched Dollylocks in 2011. After more than 10 years of operation, it has become extremely popular globally as a vegan, residue-free brand for all hair types and textures. The Challenges Covid-19 brought disruption to most industries and businesses, and Dollylocks couldn’t avoid its effect. The global shortage of packaging and raw material hits hard, especially for a business prioritizing ingredient integrity and handcrafting their products in small batches. Therefore, Dollylocks has no choice but to put their items on backorder. That is when they have to face another challenge since their current eCommerce platform – BigCommerce has no native “backorder” feature. What they did to overcome obstacles Having over 20% of their category unavailable, Dollylocks needs a quick solution to receive backorders on their site. There are currently several workarounds, but they are time-consuming and problematic for inventory management. Considering this, the Dollylocks team went on a quest for a simpler solution, that’s when they found BackOrder in the app marketplace. BackOrder not only helped them allow purchases past 0 stock easily but also maximized transparency to customers during a difficult time. It also didn’t take much time to get familiar with how the app works. All that the team needed to do was assign out-of-stock items to the app and everything is ready.  Furthermore, the support team was quick to respond to any inquiry and customized theme support. Results After two months of using BackOrder, Dollylocks was able to rescue 8% of its revenue. They absolutely love the app and began a new exploration with GritGlobal’s solution for upselling and cross-selling – Order Booster.

Bedford: The Journey To Customer Satisfaction

About Bedford: Bedford is an American photography company enriching people’s lives with a wide range of products in precision, optics, and even classes. Since 1974, Bedford has provided a great selection of high-quality products at the best deal, with a team of photography professionals providing excellent customer service. Bedford Camera & Video values its customers in many ways: “In specialty stores today you’ve got to create a service, a package, but you have to be competitive on price as well… not beat prices, but be competitive” – Stan Bedford (Founder of Bedford). “We’ll compete with the big-box stores, but we’ll do it smartly—by being productive,” he adds.  The problem of running out of stock It’s not uncommon for a company to run out of stock on their most popular items, which results in customer journeys ending up somewhere else.  During BFCM seasons, quality products can take a long time to arrive in the inventory and even longer deliver to customers. Meanwhile, the Bedford website has received a significant increase in traffic in the sales period and a decrease in conversion rate. The marketing campaigns become a waste if the customers do not finish their journeys at the check-out cart. Therefore, Bedford has looked at how they can smooth out the experience without accelerating the product delivery procedures, as it is pretty impossible at the time. The solution should assist us with product manufacturing and shipping numbers which we can estimate correctly each time we place product orders.  Then, BackOrder came through While BigCommerce does not have such a native feature, Bedford chooses BackOrder because it appears conveniently as BigCommerce apps integrating perfectly with every E-commerce store.  The app notifies customers about the out-of-stock products but still allows them to purchase and deliver them on a particular day.  Being a solid solution to the problem, the team had signed up for enterprise plans and retained valuable customers. As a result, the revenue has increased by 16.4% since Bedford integrated BackOrder into the system.  What made Bedford stay with us was not only because of the innovative solution but also because BackOrder has effortless 1-click installation and easy-to-use features.  From being a customer to becoming a partner Being productive is the key to producing the most accessible and efficient customer journey and experience.  “My honest desire is to treat them as I’d want to be treated if I were in their shoes,”- said the Founder. Bedford cares more about its customers and workers, so the team often looks for improvements in their daily tasks.  During the busy seasons, the staff is frustrated with all the manual tasks. They have to spend their time with many things such as customer service, replenishment, campaign planning, etc. Bedford could make use of automation tools to automate these tasks. Thus, Atom8 is another solution we offered to help the team stay on track priority. They can focus on their profession and take advantage of their best daily time.  Being productive is putting customers and workers first. “Stan Bedford wouldn’t open the stores on Sundays, explaining that it’s a day for the family.” BackOrder and Atom8 create a seamless customer experience and reduce a large workload, contributing significantly to Bedford’s productive philosophy. Bedford has received glowing customer feedback nearly daily through various digital channels. 

Defense Mechanisms: Rescue Sales With BackOrder

About Defense Mechanisms  Defense Mechanisms is an American-based tactical gear and apparel manufacturer. The company prides itself on creating next-generation tactical gear that serves multiple practical uses. It is highly reliable for constant product updates, spot-on quality, and reasonable prices.  The quest for a back-order solution Over the last century, the demand for tactical gear and clothing has gone beyond the law enforcement and military market to commercial sales for civilians. As the market grows, more and more customers come to Defense Mechanism in search of plate carriers, body armors, placards, pouches, and so on. Yet problems arose when they were not able to integrate currently available and backorder stocks on the same page.    A temporary solution was to create a “warehouse” page for every item that is about to return. However, it did not work effectively for Defense Mechanism due to the product variety and nature. The brand cannot showcase products in their storefront even though the supply has arrived. On the one hand, it confuses visitors if they want to order more stock than is available. On the other hand, some people might not be able to find the warehouse page and leave without purchasing. Because of this difficulty, there are tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-stock items sitting on the shelves waiting to be sold.  An extraordinary solution BackOrder has made it easier than ever to switch between in-stock and backorder inventory levels. Once an item is assigned to the system, a note will appear in the product description identifying the current stock level and backorder availability status. This signals that customers can place an order that outnumbers the in-stock inventory.  Furthermore, they are able to adjust the term from Backorder to Made to Order, which better suits the brand identity.  At the same time, there is a pop-up note specifying the back-ordered number and the expected delivery date. The idea is to ensure that customers are fully aware of the order not being fulfilled at the moment. However, it will definitely arrive in the future.  Thanks to BackOrder, the Defense Mechanisms team can put returned items back into circulation as fast as a pancake. Statistically speaking, the app helps yield up to $40.000 worth of products back onto the run. None of the previous apps ever did the company as much good as BackOrder does. A complimentary support service Besides the inventory management solution, the BackOrder customer service team always comes in handy should there is any problem. Currently, the team is developing a custom function to remove product tags in the Order Note section, leaving only that statement that “Some products are on backorder which will be shipping at a later date”.  Not to mention that it only takes a little time to get familiar with the system and set up the first backordered item. BackOrder has perfectly fulfilled the needs of Defense Mechanisms.   “Backorder helped us fulfill a function our store desperately needed and has continued providing amazing customer service and problem-solving along the way. I’d recommend Back Order to any company looking to optimize their back-end inventory management.”

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