Atom8 May Product Update – Expression Support

Atom8 Expression Support

Say hello to Atom8‘s latest feature: Expression Support! This new functionality builds on our previous feature releases, HTTP Workflows and External Data support, to give BigCommerce merchants new tools to enhance data manipulation capabilities within their automation workflows.

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BigCommerce merchants can now utilize Atom8 Expression Support to manipulate data, perform calculations, and transform their automation processes to meet specific requirements. Automation workflows using Expression Support can change four categories of functions: Text, Datetime, Math, and Array.

What is Atom8 Expression Support?

Atom8 now supports Expression in our workflow builder, which raises a few questions: What are expressions? How does this help my store? How can I start implementing expressions in my workflows? Here are your answers!

Developers commonly use “Expressions,” but for the average eCommerce merchant, it can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around. To put it simply, Expressions are like recipes. Like a recipe, an expression tells the computer how to perform a task. The ingredients in a recipe are the variables and values used in the expression. The result of the recipe is the value returned by the Expression. For example, the expression “2+3” tells the computer to add the values 2 and 3 together and return the result “5“.

Atom8 Expression Support falls under 4 categories: Text, Datetime, Math, and Array. Here are a few essential Expression for you to try out:

  1. dateDifference(start_time, end_time): Return the value of differences between two dates.
  2. sort(value1, value2, …): Sort the values of an array in ascending order.
  3. average(value1, value2, …): Get the average value of numerical values.
  4. join(text): Combine any number of strings together.

Atom8 Expression Support Use Cases

Expressions are a powerful tool to level up any workflow. Our Atom8 test users are already implementing expressions in creative ways. Here are 3 real-life use cases of Expression support among Atom8 users.

1. Filtering Outdated Products

You can use the dateDifference() expression to filter out products with over X amount of days between now and the product’s creation date. Some stores utilize this expression to automatically hide products with outdated information without having to manually sort through thousands of SKUs.

2. Filtering High ROI Products

BigCommerce merchants use Atom8’s average() expression to calculate AOV (average order values) for their sales workflows on the fly. This allows your sales team to trigger automated campaigns for their best-sellers without daily manual reviews.

3. Text Editing Custom Fields

Combining Text function expressions with Atom8’s custom field action is an easy way to edit a product’s name, SKU, or ID. This is a scalable solution for BigCommerce stores to change thousands of product identifiers quickly.

Setting Up Atom8 Expressions

Here’s how you can get access to Expressions when creating an automation workflow on Atom8:

  • For Conditions: Click “Advanced” under the input box and click the blue plus button. Switch to the Expression tab in the top right corner. Choose an appropriate Expression for your workflow by clicking on your desired expression.
  • For Actions: When visible, click the blue plus button within the input box. Switch to the Expression tab in the top right corner. Choose an appropriate Expression for your workflow by clicking on your desired expression.
  • Modifying Expressions: Hovering on top of any expression will bring up an example comment with a short use case for each expression. Try it out!

Atom8 Expression Support – Try It Out!

Atom8 Expression Support opens up new levels of customization for automating your BigCommerce store. This new feature empowers BigCommerce merchants to rethink their online business, inventing creative ways to optimize and fast-track revenue generation using Atom8’s workflows.

If you want to learn how your BigCommerce store can implement Atom8 Expression Support today, email us at


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