August Product Updates – Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities

Grit august 2021 product update

Back-to-school deals draw the curtain on a busy summer for eCommerce merchants. After spending the end of July for vacations, merchants will still have up to 3 months to catch a breath and prepare for the holiday season’s soaring demand. Stats show that consumers seem to shop earlier during these 2 pandemic years, so trust us, it’s never too early to gear up.

We at GritGlobal have been working on our customers’ feature requests and recommendations. There’s no better timing than now to roll out a big update, in time for merchants to get their eCommerce stores ready for the holidays.

Check out what’s now available in our apps.


Trello integration

Trello is one of the most popular task management apps, which can help merchants manage new projects and their stores effectively. User-friendly interface, automation, and a large number of integrations are the key reasons people favor it so much.

In the Integration tab within the Atom8 app, you should now find an option to integrate with Trello. Just enter your email, follow the instructions to connect your account and you can choose to add a Trello card from our action list.

trello integration atom8

If you are managing tasks on Trello, this integration will definitely make a change in productivity. For example, you can add a card to notify responsible staff to fulfill new orders on time. There can be many other use cases for Trello, but we’ll leave it to your amazing creativity.

trello action atom8

HTTP requests

If you do have a technical background or a developer within your team, this action can be your triumph card to do literally everything on a BigCommerce store. As long as API integration is available.

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We are still working on new integrations with popular services, but this action can work magic to communicate with other systems you need. In Atom8 Enterprise Plan’s action list you should now find the “Send HTTP request” option, which in turn creates unlimited automation possibilities.

http request atom8 automation

For example, if you want to have a “send message to Slack” action, or connect Atom8 with Zapier, you can now complete them with HTTP requests. Feel free to share your workflows with us, we’d love to see how the new feature is working for you.

Shopify new condition: discount codes

If checking coupon code usage is a routine task for your Shopify store, now you may as well sit back and let our app automate it instead.

For example, you can apply the following workflow to notify responsible staff when a specific code is used, with all necessary information in the email.

shopify discount code


Currently supported themes

The BackOrder app can help you to customize buttons and messages on the storefront. However, with BigCommerce’s wide variety of themes and merchants’ custom themes, sometimes the app might not work as expected. If you are new to the app, be sure to check the Settings tab and choose your theme in the Theme Setting section.

bigcommerce backorder theme setting

We are currently supporting 2 latest versions of the following themes.

bigcommerce backorder theme list

In case your app is not working properly on the storefront, or your theme is not on the list, please contact us at We are always happy to help.


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