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6 Must-have BigCommerce Apps For Enterprises Today, more enterprises have expanded to eCommerce platforms to expand their selling rather than chains of brick-and-mortar stores. However, it is not easy to stay productive and maximize profits if you still run your online business in the same ways as offline. Therefore, you need some more supportive and innovative enterprise apps to enhance your work performance. Here, we will list out some BigCommerce enterprise apps with well-researched descriptions with the aim that you can choose something to make your company great.  Backorder Backorder is a life-changing solution for out-of-stock products. It allows you to earn revenue even when the product is unavailable. The risk of unavailable products is enormous, opening the door for competitors to reach your customers. Backorders is a favorite application for enterprises as they usually handle high-value orders, large numbers of wholesalers, and retailers. Moreover, the enterprises usually set backorder status to buy products from suppliers whenever the items are ordered without any storage stages.     All things to do to allow customers to buy backorder products are clicking items and setting backorder. When those items are out of stock, backorder status will automatically be activated. Your customers can still purchase items and receive the shipment on a particular day like normal.  This app will help you maintain your operation and reduce the customer turnover rate. In addition, it also records the transparent status of sales and inventory. It then exports it to CSV for further analysis, which is fundamental for evaluating productivity and making decisions.  Atom8 Manual business tasks can not ensure the best performance and profits, so everything should be done automatically. Atom8 brings us quick, accurate, and smooth automated workflows, including various fields: order processing, customer engagement, real-time notification, etc. It can visualize the selling data on Sheets to follow up and manage the automation workflow.  Other remarkable points of Atom8 are generating or hiding content based on pre-setting and personalizing emails to each customer. Don’t worry whether your working structure is suitable with Atom8 because it has more than 100 templates in various fields. Therefore, it allows you to choose the best-fitted one for each department.  Skubana Skubana has outstanding integration ability in enterprise apps, allowing you to optimize each task on various platforms. As an inventory app, Sukubana gives you the general view of form to detail the warehouse, selling, and more, from different channels. Skubana will help you inspect and manage your selling and your distributors and access to the storage to know about the stock situation.  It does not only help you stay productive on one application but also interpret and analyze all of the data of your business and thus identify the best options for your sale improvement.  Constant Contact Email marketing is no longer a strange strategy for the brand to engage customers. However, whether this form of marketing is effective depends on how to launch it. An enterprise app like Constant Contact will help you to make a successful email marketing campaign. With hundreds of pre-built email templates, you can choose one and freely edit it until it meets your demands. Moreover, Constant Contact also can track your email performance, report instantly, and analyze the data.   Constant Contact also can design your eCommerce site with professional style and elegant themes to grab their customers’ attention and thus boost your sale. Furthermore, it can run advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to enhance brand awareness.  TrustPulse Another supportive enterprise app is TrustPulse. The key feature of this app is trustworthy tracking. Every customer’s behavior is tracked, reported, and presented instantly on your site, which can help you establish some immediate approaches. Moreover, it can help you know about customers’ backgrounds or preferences by displaying their social proof. Last but not least, real-time notifications and action messages will help you follow up on your sales every 5 minutes and thus enhance customer support.  ShipStation Delivery is the final but essential stage because it links directly to customers. The supportive enterprise app for this stage is ShipStation. It can do everything to raise your brand awareness, from email personalization, packing slip customization to branded tracking page and portal.  At the shipping stage, it can send your products to customers in a transparent and smooth procedure: import, manage, print labels, and keep in touch with sellers and customers through real-time tracking reports. Conclusion Choosing the right enterprise app for your company on Bigcommerce may be the critical determination for your eCommerce success. It does not only help you stay productive but also helps you save time and money on the traditional manual tasks. We hope that we have given you some useful options and thus you can apply them to your enterprise improvement.

Best BigCommerce Apps To Grow Business

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E-commerce companies need to concentrate on using proper marketing channels to attract their target audience’s attention. This can include optimizing search engines, social media marketing, the marketing of content, affiliates, emails, or any other type of form. In addition, there are best BigCommerce apps that allow online stores to leverage their customer acquisition and brand value. Mailchimp Email marketing is efficient in expanding sales volume. However, it takes time to manually send emails to hundreds of customers, especially verification emails for each order. That’s why you need email marketing automation to streamline your tasks. One of the best apps on the market is definitely Mailchimp. For instance, you may use Mailchimp to assign an abandoned cart mail automatically when you exit your website without purchasing the items in your ship. You can also send a multiple email drive to re-engage delayed consumers or send existing consumer suggestions and exclusive offers. Furthermore, there is also a reporting feature that demonstrates how strong email subscribers are involved. For example, the data shows email subscribers who open emails and click on the links. You can also view revenue reports to see whether your emails influence sales. Facebook Ad Extension With more than 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach your target audience. New users often get confused on Facebook ads for it takes time to understand various factors such as budgeting or defining an ideal end-user.  Therefore, Facebook Easy Ad serves as a shortcut to make ads. You don’t need to be a social media expert to set up an effective ad. Rather, the app allows you to connect your product catalog to Facebook to use dynamic ads. It also helps distribute the ads to the right people at the right place on Facebook using your store data.  Google Shopping by Sales&Orders  Sales&Orders is one of the best BigCommerce apps that help merchants boost traffic and increase sales by setting up product feeds and ads on Google Shopping. The app provides full control over what customers are shopping for and how they can adjust their feed to be as attractive as possible. In doing so, it ensures that there is no mistake or discrepancies found between platforms.  Besides adding and removing products, you can improve your product data quality by dynamically mapping your products to their respective Google Product Categories and setting up shipping and taxes at an account level.  The app also offers multi-layer reports to review accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and even product-level performance stats. With Sales&Orders, you don’t have to worry about the error of manually converting your store into Google Shopping anymore.  BackOrder BackOrder, as indicated in its name, assists BigCommerce merchants in serving demands for out-of-stock items. Out-of-stock, on average, can cost merchants ~8-12% total revenue, which might damage the business if it keeps happening. Now rather than driving customers to another store, the app allows them to order the product as if it’s still available and receive it in the future.  With the newest version, the app allows store owners to set up a threshold in which your products can be backordered. There are also reports on the total amount of backordered products and total backordered items. This keeps you informed about the salability of your store in order to adjust your strategies if needed.  Atom8 Among the apps, Atom8 is the best workflow automation platform on BigCommerce. The app helps optimize your business by automatically reorganizing tasks, streamlining processes, and feeding data to other customer-facing applications such as Mailchimp, Google Sheet, or ShipStation. It empowers BigCommerce pos merchants to be more productive by taking over all the repetitive operational work.  Some of the app features include:  Auto-categorize orders (based on value, locations, etc) Auto-segment customer (based on demographics, spending, the total number of order, etc) Auto-tag customers on CRM, email marketing, and delivery platforms Auto-generate reports & lists on Google Sheet  Auto-notify of low-stock items, abandoned cart, or high-value orders Auto-detect and halt high-risk orders All in all, having the right app not only saves your time but also helps grow your store faster and more strategically. 

How To Choose The Best BigCommerce Apps

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BigCommerce is among the most flexible eCommerce sites for growing businesses, and it’s now available on your smartphone. The best BigCommerce apps allow you to manage orders, display customer information, and access key performance indicators while on the go.  Many application providers offer Big Commerce integrations for download and purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Microsoft Office Store or the Play Store. You can use freely choose the most suitable apps based on your requirements. How to choose the best BigCommerce apps? There are two types of apps based on the authentication method: single-click and connector. Single-click users use the OAuth Authorization Code Grant flow. Meanwhile, store owners must manually create and configure store API credentials for connector apps.  The majority of the best BigCommerce apps begin with a small budget. This causes people to focus on “what can I get for free?” rather than “what is my budget?” Don’t get me wrong: there is some fantastic free software available. However, the primary consideration when selecting an app should always be “does it solve my problem while not adding to my workload?” Be truthful about yourself. How much are you willing to pay for increased efficiency, better usability, better reporting, or anything else you need? Setting a budget ahead of time helps make clear the amount of BigCommerce applications available to you.  Finally, if a free app meets your needs just as well as a paid app, that’s fantastic! However, opting for a free app would almost always cost you more money and time in the long run. Consider one of my non-profit clients who uses a free features app. It seemed fantastic at first, but the data collected was purely useless. Every month, they had to export and import data into other systems, taking up a lot of time and resources. As a result, their consumer database became outdated, resulted in ineffective marketing and loss in sales.   Factors to consider Reviews Product reviews are generally helpful in evaluating the quality of software. The more positive feedback there is, the more likely it is that the app works effectively. This feedback is generated by users, thus providing more objective insights into the product.  Some companies might use it as a marketing tool. For example, they might aggressively request reviews from customers whose experience is relatively good. However, this is rather good in the sense that you have more clues to decide on the platforms.  Description First and foremost, it’s critical to recognize that the product overview, video, and screenshots available in the Bigcommerce app store are primarily marketing tools. Take a careful look at it but don’t be naive. They are just pieces of information designed to pique your interest in their product. Keep in mind that you’re not searching for a good marketer; you’re looking for a good developer. Support Go straight to the help section after reading the description. The developer’s FAQ, website, phone number, privacy policy, email, and support address are mentioned in this section. Specifically, the FAQ is very beneficial in understanding a product you’ve never heard of. It might explain hidden functions, the difficulty of troubleshooting the app, and ensure that you can solve several problems independently.  

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