Steps needed for Ecommerce Automation

steps needed for ecommerce automation

Running a business should be invigorating, not spending all day doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Business owners are turning manual tasks into self-activating programs with automation. If you are reading this, you’re looking for steps needed to take toward eCommerce Automation. Buy your business more time for creativity by learning the basics of eCommerce automation with […]

6 Compelling Approaches To Automate Your Ecommerce Website

automate eCommerce website

The automation wave has reached and approached the eCommerce industry with promising effectiveness and efficiency. To get the very first step to automate your eCommerce website, maybe you have some concerns and can not utilize their automatic software.  Therefore, we are here today to bring life-changing ways to help you automate your website and hence […]

How To Implement Magento eCommerce Automation

a person holding an ipad checking on Magento ecommerce automation

Magento eCommerce automation is software integrated into online stores to help merchants improve their business performance. Its purpose is to automate a wide range of business activities, from order management to marketing and sales. Magento offers users a variety of built-in automated functions. Among them, the 5 most widely used features are email triggers, demographic […]

3 Common Types of Ecommerce Automation

automation in ecommerce

Your eCommerce website should be available to the customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The eCommerce website does not take any breaks at all. The online shopping place must be operational at all times. It should also be capable of accepting orders. Every eCommerce firm requires some level of eCommerce automation because […]

eCommerce Automation Beginner Guide

3 women sitting in a table with laptops laughing

An eCommerce store operates on a 24-hour basis. The online environment makes it almost impossible for a break. While you can’t make a human work all day long, eCommerce automation can help. Automation makes online business easier than ever. A part of the operational process consists of repetitive tasks. Hence, automating this tedious task would […]

5 Strategies to Avoid Fraudulent Orders

a man making online payment via credit card

Statistics show that online stores have to deal with around 206 thousand attacks every month. Fraudulent orders, without a doubt, are a nightmare for every merchant.  In the previous article, we’ve discussed different signs of fraud, including incompatible customer information, a large number of orders, suspicious international orders, and many more. Today, we’ll talk about […]

Types of Inventory Every Business Should Know

furniture inventory

Inventory management is the accounting of items, components and materials used in product manufacturing and selling. This process is often regarded as the classification of types of inventory. The ultimate goal is to maintain a specific inventory level to run the business smoothly.  In order to manage your inventory effectively, you need to know what […]

4 Signs of A Fraudulent Order

Fraudulent order is the worst obsession for every business, especially in this internet era. Some common types of eCommerce fraud include: Clean fraud: when a credit card is stolen and used beyond the cardholder’s intention Card testing: when the theft make a purchase to see whether the card can be used and has a limit […]

Accelerate Your Discount Ideas With Automation

Discount banner outside of a clothes store

Discount ideas refer to the pricing strategy of marking down your product price. The goal is to attract customer traffic, get rid of old inventory, and increase sales. Most businesses don’t rely on discounts only for a long time as it would downplay your economic values. However, it could be exceedingly effective if conducted properly.  […]

How to Create a Workflow Template

creation of a workflow template

In the previous article, we’ve discussed 6 steps to create an efficient automation workflow. Yet before having a workflow run across your store, you need to visualize the workflow you want to automate in the form of a diagram. This is called the workflow template.  A workflow template lists the involved steps on the lines. […]

Holiday Marketing Ideas For Maximum Impacts

a toy gift for christmas holiday

People spend trillions of dollars each year on the holiday season. Therefore, a failure to push the gas on your holiday marketing ideas would halt your business development.  Your holiday marketing campaign should be placed everywhere, from emails, social media posts, and blog content. It also needs to cash-in on that purchasing behavior around specific […]

How to Schedule Automation Trigger

More and more businesses are employing automation apps to operate more effectively online. The most convenient part of automation is that it can be triggered whenever needed without human intervention. In other words, automation trigger is activation workflow automation according to predetermined rules and time. Looking into detail, workflow automation refers to the design and […]

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